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5 Things You Need For Your Beach Day

Posted by Lauren's Hope Team on Aug, Tue 15, 2017

Summer is, of course, prime beach weather. It’s time to pack your beach bag and enjoy the sun, the sand, and the water. As tempting as it is to just drop everything and go, a little bit of preparation is important.  Before you head to the sandy shores, here are 5 essentials you need in order to stay safe and have a great time.

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July 4th Safety Tips

Posted by Tara Cohen on Jul, Wed 02, 2014

This Friday is the 4th of July, and throughout the US, that means BBQs, picnics, sun, swimming, fireworks, and so much more. It's a day of recreation and relaxation, and it's a time to celebrate with family and friends. Of course, all of that celebrating can get out of hand quickly. But a little preparation and some safety savvy can help everyone have more fun while staying safe. 

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Don't Get Burned: Sunscreen Tips For Summer Safety

Posted by Brittany McNeal on Jun, Mon 23, 2014

Summer is officially upon us, and although sunscreen should be worn year-round, summertime is a great reminder of how important sunscreen really is, not just for redheads like myself, but for everyone of every ethnicity and skin type!

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Skin Cancer Safety: Protect Yourself! Check Yourself!

Posted by Tara Cohen on May, Fri 10, 2013

May is Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month, and that’s a great reminder to give yourself a once over, help your loved ones do the same, and make an appointment with your dermatologist if you see anything of concern or simply if you haven’t been in a while.

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