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Learning To Cook For Better Health: From Novice to Paleo

Posted by Tara Cohen on Feb, Sat 08, 2014

Those of you participating in the Lauren's Hope Health Challenge (which you can still join!) may have noticed that my biggest concern about trying the "Paleo" way of eating for February isn't the lack of bread or chocolate or even milk for my coffee. It's cooking. My "cooking" to date has been a long-standing family joke. I would invite family for holiday meals and they would not-so-subtly ask who was going to be handling the kitchen duties. My mom would come visit and offer to bring in Chinese food for dinner or suggest we all eat out. Until this month's challenge, I had basically mastered the art of taking tofu crumbles out of the freezer, adding some sauce, and microwaving them with some steamed vegetables. It's not my proudest accomplishment. 

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