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Pediatrics in the ER: An Interview With Dr. Andrea E.C. Shah, M.D.

Posted by Tara Cohen on Jan, Mon 21, 2013

Emergency Room physicians deal with life-and-death situations every day, handling all manner of traumas, illnesses, and injuries. Among them are ER pediatricians, specialists like Dr. Andrea E. C. Shah, M.D., a Jefferson Medical College alumnus who completed her pediatric residency at DuPont Hospital for Children. “I have spent my career practicing mostly acute care pediatrics in a multitude of settings,” says Dr. Shah, a Florida resident and mom of three active boys, “including hospitals, emergency departments, pediatric acute care centers, and private pediatric offices.”

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Juvenile Diabetes Through Grace's Eyes

Posted by Emily Battmer on Aug, Mon 15, 2011

Diabetes: it’s a fancy word with a whole lot of complex explanation behind it. Someone newly diagnosed could spend hours researching the condition, deciphering terms like “pancreas,” “insulin,” “glucose,” and “bolus.”

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Need a Medical ID For Your Child?

Posted by Jenna White on Aug, Mon 30, 2010

Having trouble finding a medical ID style that your child will wear?

The children's medical identification bracelets and necklaces designed by Lauren's Hope will please any youngster. If children don't like something, they are likely not going to cooperate. Our brand new medical ID necklaces appeal particularly to children, making it more likely that they will wear their medical ID necklaces every day--and leave them on!

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