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Black Friday Blog: Behind The Scenes With Lauren's Hope

Posted by Tara Cohen on Nov, Fri 29, 2013

It's Black Friday. Some call it the best shopping day of the year. Others call it complete craziness. In either case, there are some really fantastic deals to be had (including great savings right here at Lauren's Hope, of course). Wait, you didn't hear about that? Oh, it's great!! We have 20% off SITEWIDE today with our THANKSGIVING13 coupon code. We'll wait here while you go shop... 

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The Gift of Safety!

Posted by Tara Cohen on Nov, Mon 18, 2013

Wow. Next week is Thanksgiving. And Hanukkah. And that's just four weeks before Christmas. If you feel like the holidays have snuck up on you this year, you are most definitely not alone. Thankfully, you've got some help over here at Lauren's Hope! We've put together the...

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Tags: Medical ID Jewelry, Holiday shopping, medical alert bracelet, medical alert jewelry, gift certificate, holiday gift guide, shop

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