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Bullying Prevention Month: Learn How You Can Make A Difference!

Posted by Tara Cohen on Oct, Mon 06, 2014

October is National Bullying Prevention Month. Thanks to nationwide efforts, bullying has become less tolerated than ever in recent years, but it still happens every day. That’s one reason why PACER Center, an organization devoted to supporting children with disabilities and their families, has created PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center, which is the organization behind National Bullying Prevention Month and its cornerstone, Unity Day on October 22nd.

Here at Lauren’s Hope, we hear about bullying quite a bit. In fact, when parents call to order medical ID jewelry for their children, bullying is often one of the topics they’re most concerned about. We hear about children being bullied for having special needs, allergies, chronic medical conditions, disabilities, medical devices, and on and on. Parents are sometimes concerned that their children will even be bullied for wearing their medical ID jewelry.

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Food Allergy Bullying: A Disturbing Trend

Posted by Tara Cohen on Jun, Wed 05, 2013

As the incidence of food allergies continues to grow in American kids, a related trend has appeared: food allergy bullying. It's certainly tough enough being a kid, and a kid with food allergies, without having to contend with bullying as well. According to FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education), however, one third of kids with food allergies experience bullying because of their food allergies. Worse still, an estimated half of these incidents go unreported to parents, who are therefore often unaware of the problem, which means kids continue to be bullied.

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