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FAQ: Beyond What To Engrave On Your Medical ID!

Posted by Tara Cohen on Dec, Tue 13, 2016

If you’re wondering what to engrave on your medical ID, we have you covered. Click over here for some great examples and information.

Looking for some other engraving-related answers? You’re in the right spot!

Here are our Top 5 (Not-What-To-Engrave) Engraving Questions

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Spotlight on Lauren's Hope Engraver, Caitlin Warner

Posted by Brittany McNeal on Oct, Fri 10, 2014

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Engraving Your Medical Alert Bracelet

Posted by Tara Cohen on Jan, Wed 15, 2014

Every day, we talk to dozens of wonderful Lauren's Hope customers who need help engraving their medical alert jewelry. For some, choosing the right medical ID is the hard part because there are just so many fun options! But many of our customers have a hard time fitting all of their pertinent information on their medical ID tags, and people are sometimes overwhelmed by all the options. So today, we're doing a little Engraving 101. Here we go!

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What Are The Most Common Medical Abbreviations?

Posted by Tara Cohen on Sep, Mon 30, 2013

Every day here at Lauren's Hope, we engrave medical ID jewelry. We engrave medical ID dog tags and medical alert bracelets and medical ID plaques and on and on. Some of them are rotary engraved. Some are laser engraved with blackfill. Some are short and some are long and some are even funny or sweet or inspiring. But all of them have one thing in common: they have to be brief. 

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