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Tips For Staying Safe During A Zombie Apocalypse

Posted by Jenna White on Mar, Fri 02, 2012

2012 is the year of the Apocalypse...or so we've been told. Be it Mother Nature exacting her wrath, a political leader pressing a button he or she shouldn't, or a culmination of the two, according to doomsayers, this year isn't looking good.

Much has been made of the Mayan calendar's prediction that December 21 is crunch-time for humankind. Some religious factions are touting it as Judgement Day, but the Mayan calendar is more about transition than End Times. So where does 2012 leave the world? In the grip of Zombie Apocalypse fervor, of course.

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Tags: emergency planning, zombie survival tips, emergency kits, how to prepare for a zombie attack

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