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#momentofhope Thursday: Ashley

Posted by Quinn Mills on Mar, Thu 31, 2016

 For our customer Ashley, a simple trip to Target soon turned into an unexpected moment of hope. Thanks to an observant passerby, her medical ID came in handy when she least expected it:

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Working With It: Type 1 Diabetes in The Workplace

Posted by Tara Cohen on Jun, Mon 24, 2013

Today, on the Lauren's Hope blog, we welcome guest blogger, Jacquie Paul Wojcik, whose blog, Typical Type 1, chronicles her (busy, healthy, active, funny, normal) life with Type 1 Diabetes. We hope you'll check her out! 

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Juvenile Diabetes Through Grace's Eyes

Posted by Emily Battmer on Aug, Mon 15, 2011

Diabetes: it’s a fancy word with a whole lot of complex explanation behind it. Someone newly diagnosed could spend hours researching the condition, deciphering terms like “pancreas,” “insulin,” “glucose,” and “bolus.”

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