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A "Type Awesome" Family

Posted by Tara Cohen on Jun, Fri 21, 2013

Denise and Jeff Pasko are busy small business owners who operate Lausch’s Moving & Storage in Berks County, Pennsylvania. In addition to running a successful business, the Paskos are parents to twin girls, Rachel and Megan, 7. That sounds like a busy enough life for most, but the Paskos, whose daughter Megan has Type 1 Diabetes, recently launched a local diabetes support group, which, in just a few months, has grown into its own nonprofit organization, Berks T1D Connection.

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November Story of Hope: Diabetes Awareness Month

Posted by Jenna White on Nov, Tue 01, 2011

Our first November Story of Hope is brought to you by a special customer of ours, Gracie and her mom, Laura. Gracie was diagnosed with diabetes in March of 2011

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Diabetes Alert Bracelets

Posted by Jenna White on Sep, Tue 14, 2010

Are you are one of the nearly 20 million American's living with diabetes? The use of medical alert jewelry by diabetes sufferers is a must. Our diabetes alert bracelets are just what you need to provide caregivers with life-saving information in the time of crisis. Sometimes just being careful to follow your prescribed diet and medication regimen is not enough to prevent a diabetic incident. Sudden exposure to a stressful situation can cause the blood sugar to rise to a critical level requiring immediate intervention.

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