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Starting College: Managing Chronic Conditions Away from Home

Posted by Lauren's Hope Team on Aug, Thu 17, 2017

Students starting college away from home for the first time have a lot on their plates. When you add food allergies, diabetes, epilepsy, adrenal insufficiency, or any other chronic medical condition or health concern to the mix, it becomes a much bigger challenge. Most kids have never had to take any responsibility for things such as ordering their own medication(s), picking them up from the pharmacy, making their own doctor’s appointments or handling any in-school accommodation requests that their condition(s) require. These things have, for the most part, been handled by parents. There are things that both parents and students can do to prepare the student for managing his/her condition(s) away from home for the first time.

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Safety Tips For College Students with Chronic Health Conditions

Posted by Brittany McNeal on Aug, Fri 15, 2014

As the fall semester approaches, it’s easy to look straight forward to purchasing textbooks, moving into and furnishing your new dorm or apartment, and the fun times you will have with new friends. But for those of us with health issues that impact our daily lives, there are a few extra things that should be put on our new semester checklists before we get to all that other fun stuff.

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