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My Family Has Autism: Lauren's Hope Supports Autism Awareness

Posted by Tara Cohen on Mar, Mon 31, 2014

In April 2011, I had been a Lauren’s Hope customer for a while already, and I was excited to share my family’s story on the LH blog. Jenna White interviewed me about my little family, my son’s autism, and why I believe so strongly that children with autism need to wear medical ID jewelry at all times.

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Hope For The Holidays: Celebrating With Autism

Posted by Tara Cohen on Dec, Mon 09, 2013

The winter holidays are traditionally a time of peace, love, compassion, and good will. They're also a time for celebrations, special meals, family gatherings, excitement, travel, bright lights, voices raised in song, and so many other happy events and treats. When living with autism and related challenges, however, the holidays can be more stressful than anything else. With some good planning, however, the holidays will likely never be stress-free, but they can be more manageable. To that end, we've gatethered some parent-tested tips for making the holidays a bit smoother for families with autism other special needs.

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