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Gastric Bypass Recipients Have Special Needs

Posted by Tara Cohen on Jun, Fri 07, 2013

heart measuring tape gastric bypassGastric bypass surgery is becoming more refined and more common every year. This life-saving surgery is by no means a quick fix, but it is an excellent tool that more and more people are choosing to use in their quest for health and wellness. Here at Lauren’s Hope, people order gastric bypass medical ID bracelets on a regular basis, and one of the most common things we’re asked is what to engrave on gastric bypass medical ID jewelry. It’s a great question and one that we addressed more than two years back, right here on the Lauren’s Hope blog. In fact, “Three Reasons Why Gastric Bypass Patients Should Wear A Medical Alert,” is one of our all-time most popular blog posts. So, by popular demand (and inquiry!), here’s a second look at …

Three Reasons Why Gastric Bypass Patients Should Wear A Medical Alert

If you have had gastric bypass surgery it is important to wear a medical alert bracelet to alert EMTs or first responders to your surgery. In order to treat you quickly and effectively, your medical alert bracelet should be engraved with some specific vital information. 

1. After gastric bypass surgery you should limit your exposure to NSAIDs. NSAIDs are non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, including aspirin, ibuprofen and naproxin, among many others. NSAIDs are commonly used to treat headaches, muscle soreness from strains or other injuries, arthritis, menstrual pain, and mild fevers. After gastric bypass surgery, doctors advise you to stay away from NSAIDs due to the irritation it can cause to the pouch over prolonged usage. Additionally, they can cause ulcers, which are very hard to treat once you've had a gastric bypass. 

  • The most common engraved information that is needed to alert first responders of your sensitivity to NSAIDS is simply, NO NSAIDS. 

oval filigree medical ID tag2. After gastric bypass surgery you should not have a "blind" NG tube inserted.  In Roux-en-Y, your stomach is stapled to create a small pouch and a passage for food to go around (bypass) a section of your small intestine. After a gastric bypass, you shouldn't have a blind NG tube. Your stomach is shaped differently after a gastric bypass, and the walls of your little pouch can easily be damaged by the NG tube if it's not inserted carefully. A doctor should insert the tube using a scope, a tiny camera, that allows him or her to see where the tube is going.

  • The most common engraved information that is needed to alert first responders to this is simply, NO BLIND NG TUBE or NO GASTRIC TUBE.

3.  After gastric bypass surgery you should limit your intake of sugar. You may have to avoid foods that contain simple sugars such as candy, juice, ice cream, condiments, and soft drinks. Simple sugars may cause a problem called dumping syndrome. This happens because food moves too quickly through the stomach and intestines. It can cause shaking, sweating, dizziness, rapid heart rate, and often severe diarrhea.

  •  The most common engraved information that is needed to alert first responders to this is, NO SUGARS. 

gastric bypass 2 CTA

What should I engrave on my medical alert if I've had gastric bypass surgery? 

Your doctor or doctor's nurse will be able to help guide you in the best way they feel your medical ID tag should be engraved to reflect your own personal surgery, but here are a few examples of how your new medical ID tag may look.

cuff medical alert cuffJane Doe
Gastric ByPass 2/11
No Blind NG Tube
No NSAIDS/No Sugars
ICE 555-123-4567


John Doe
Gastric Bypass
No Blind NG
No Sugars/No NSAIDS
Dr. 555-123-4567

Looking for more information about choosing a gastric bypass medical ID bracelet? Click here for more ideas AND an exclusive coupon for our gastric bypass customers! Plus, learn about our resizing program to help keep you in properly fitting medical alert jewelry as you lose weight. 


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