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Perfect Father's Day Gift Ideas

Posted by Tara Cohen on Jun, Wed 06, 2012

Every year around this time, kids set out in search of the perfect Father’s Day gifts. This typically means badgering their moms for rides and coming home with “unique” ties and golf-related socks that the awesome men in our lives wear proudly. This year, however, instead of another “World’s Best Dad!” mug (you know he has three already!), we have some suggestions of our own.

From the munchkins: What is it about kids’ handprints that makes us go all sappy? We’re certainly not fond of them on recently cleaned windows. Whatever the reason, no parent can resist the cuteness that is the “handprint” art. So, make Dad a gift he’ll always treasure. We love these great ideas from Tip Junkie!

From tweens and teens: Here’s a little secret: Most dads hate wearing ties, and odds are your dad has accumulated plenty of them. Give Dad the gift of your time by planning a fun afternoon together. Think of things you both enjoy and then spend the day together. Or give your dad some time off by taking a few chores off his hands such as washing the cars, mowing the lawn, or (scary thought) cleaning up your room. Want to make him something too? Here are some fun printables you can fill in, seal in an envelope, and hand your dad (preferably with some coffee) after letting him sleep in next Sunday.

From Mom: Father’s Day is all about showing Dad some love. What better way to remind the man in your life that you want him safe, healthy, and happy for years to come than with a stylish piece of medical ID jewelry? Come on, you knew that was coming. What can we say? Most of our men’s medical IDs are purchased by the women in their lives. So let the special dad in your life know how much you care by picking out a medical ID you want to see him wearing every day. Everybody wins!

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