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Behind the Design, Spotlight on JoAn Dewey

Posted by Jenna White on May, Mon 07, 2012

Spotlight on Lauren's Hope designer, JoAn Dewey

JoAn portrait 2Today, I’m catching up with our fantastic jewelry design manager, JoAn, to get a little insight into her design process and learn a bit about the brain behind designing medical ID bracelets for Lauren's Hope.

Jenna: So, you've been designing medical jewelry with Lauren's Hope for six years now! How did you get into jewelry design?

JoAn: When my daughters were very young I was a stay at home mom and decided to take my love of jewelry to the next level once my girls started pre-school. I took a jewelry making class at a local bead shop and loved the opportunity it allowed me to express my creative side. My first piece of jewelry was a colorful set of earrings with a matching bracelet and necklace. After that first taste of jewelry design I was hooked!

Jenna: What do you enjoy most about designing and crafting medical ID jewelry?

JoAn: What I enjoy most about jewelry design is being able to create something unique that has never been seen before. I love working with colorful beads, textures and the ability to be creative. The most rewarding feeling for me is when I have an order on my desk with two or three of my jewelry designs! I love how I can design something beautiful, modern and life-saving.

Jenna: Of all the designs you've created can you share with our readers a few of your favorites? Tell us a bit about the story behind your favorite designs as well.

C298 La Fiesta with tagJoAn: My favorite designs are G18 (Athens), C182 (Little Black Dress) and C298 (La Fiesta). The Athens was one of the very first medical ID bracelets that I designed in my 6 years at Lauren’s Hope. I really enjoy the textured silver beads in this bracelet along with the high shine of polished sterling silver beads. The Little Black Dress is a staple for every woman because every woman has at least one LBD in their closet. My newest design La Fiesta has me smitten because of its eclectic design and pops of color.

Jenna: Is there someone in your life who wears a Lauren’s Hope ID? If so, tell us a little about him or her, including whether it’s an ID you designed.

JoAn: Both of my parents wear Lauren’s Hope IDs. My dad is a Veteran and likes our medical ID dog tags because they remind him of his days in the Army. My dad is a heart patient and has his medical information and my phone number engraved on his dog tag. I created a medical ID bracelet for my mom which is made of Labradorite (a natural stone) because of its protective properties. My mom has the early stages of dementia and can become easily disoriented.  I have peace of mind knowing that when my parents are wearing their medical IDs I am just a phone call away.

Jenna: Name one person who inspires you and tell us why.

JoAn: Someone who inspires me is my mom. She immigrated to the US from Seoul, Korea with my dad and a baby in tow. She came to America, learned English and how to cook the foods my dad loved and had five more children. She, like me, was very crafty. She could look at a piece of clothing and make a pattern from a brown paper bag and sew it to perfection. She made clothes for my sisters and myself and sewed Barbie doll clothes from the scraps. She is 83 years old now and is showing signs of dementia. She is taking a drug now to help her regain her memory with the help of therapy.

Jenna: How do you feel when you hear customer stories or comments about your designs?

JoAn: I love designing medical IDs and when I hear from customers who love my designs I burst my buttons with pride!

Jenna: Are you working on any fun new designs at the moment?

JoAn: I am currently gathering beads for new 12 and under girl designs. I am inspired by the colors of spring and have been drawn to citrus hues with pops of pink.

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