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Spotlight on Lauren's Hope Designer, Ann Kathryn

Posted by Tara Cohen on Apr, Thu 19, 2012

AK portrait smallSpotlight on Lauren’s Hope designer, Ann Kathryn

Do you ever wonder what goes into designing a medical ID bracelet here at Lauren’s Hope? The short answer is: A whole lot! So, today, I’m catching up with one of our fantastic designers, Ann Kathryn, to get a little insight into her design processes and learn a bit about the brain behind the bracelets.

Tara: So, first, I have to ask, how did you get into jewelry design?

Ann Kathryn: I became interested in jewelry design in high school when I met a silversmith at an art fair in St. Louis. I was interested in his work and wanted to know how he created his pieces. He invited me to his studio and taught me some basic metals techniques, and I was able to watch him as he worked. I was so intrigued with how he manipulated the metal he was working with and I loved the struggle and challenge that it gave me. So, I went to college and got my degree in metals and jewelry design at MSU.

Tara: What do you enjoy most about your field?

Ann Kathryn: No other art form has challenged me as much as metals, which is why I have such a deep love for it. No matter how much you know about metals, there is always a new describe the imagetechnique to learn. I love banging on metal, honestly. It’s the best stress relief!

Tara: Your new bracelets are coming out this week, and they’re gorgeous. Where do you get your ideas? 

Ann Kathryn: I get ideas from everything around me, honestly. I’m drawn to shapes, colors, and textiles from India. I’m also very inspired by nature and organic shapes. I love mixing precious metals with semi-precious metals; I think the combination is beautiful. For my beaded designs, I typically delight in creating incredibly detailed strands with lots of natural stones.

Tara: What are you working on next?

Ann Kathryn: The new designs I’m focusing on are primarily stainless steel items. We’ve got some colorful fashion cuffs in the works, along with fashionable pendants for women. The design team is working on cool new products for kids as well. I’m excited for these to launch!

Tara: You’ve made so many incredible designs for Lauren’s Hope. Do you have any personal favorites?

Ann Kathryn: My favorite designs are probably Love at First Sight (D240), Peace and Harmony (C265), and Believing is Beautiful (C264)…because I made them out of precious metal clay [PMC], which was a new technique for me. I was happy with the dimension that I was able to build with the PMC, and I learned a lot while making these pieces.

Tara: Our awesome customers contact Lauren’s Hope all the time with incredible stories and comments. How do you feel when you receive feedback about your own designs?

Ann Kathryn: I feel lucky to work for a jewelry company that can provide their customers with peace of mind along with a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Tara: It seems like just about everyone on the Lauren’s Hope team has a personal connection to bracelets, either because we wear them ourselves or because we have family or friends who do. Is there someone in your life who wears a Lauren’s Hope ID?

Ann Kathryn: Both of my grandparents wear Lauren’s Hope IDs. My grandpa wears a small gold dog tag   (Bravissimo), and my grandmother has the Zen Garden (D171) and the White Dogwood (D219) bracelets. They both have pacemakers, and I’m glad that they wear their Lauren’s Hope IDs to keep them safe!

Stay tuned this Friday for the release of THREE brand new natural stone bracelet designs from Ann Kathryn along with a sale on many of Ann Kathryn's signature styles! Be the first to see them by signing up for email alerts on the right-hand side of this page, and share them with friends by following us on Pinterest

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