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Free Stuff Friday Winners

Posted by Jenna White on Feb, Mon 06, 2012

Thank you to everyone who entered last week's Free Stuff Friday giveaway! It's always wonderful to read each of your comments and know how much these giveaways mean to you.

This week's Free Stuff Friday winners are:

Item 1: Amy L. Harden, "I have been a FAN for many months now...spreading the word about your wonderful and beautiful bracelets everywhere. I have placed brochures and catalogs at my ENT's offices, all the Allergy nurses are showing them to clients, while also to the School Nurse's in our school district. I felt giving them to the School Nurse's was particularly important as a local little girl who recently died from peanut exposure would have been either saved or at least been given all the help she could have gotten IF she had had a bracelet on OR her ICE was known by the teacher she reported to when she first felt symptoms. It is amazing to me how little School Nurse's know about how to treat an patient who is having an allergic reaction. Directives are a MUST in schools...both School Nurse's and Teachers should be trained in how to handle these situations...it is a matter of life or death! I would love to receive #1 for my 13 year old as she NEEDS the necklace the most."

Item 2: Jane Montpetit, "I have been a blog subscriber forever. I love your designs and this being my month. My birthday and heart health month, it's special to me, as I am being followed for heart transplant. Wearing a med alert is important and I would love number two. It's a classic style and a "go anywhere" kinda piece! Please keep doing what you do so well."

Item 3: Scott, "My 12 year old son has Type1 Diabetes and would love #3. He is in need of a new ID, but we cant afford one right now. Thanks-Scott"

If you are a lucky winner of last week's Free Stuff Friday you can expect to receive an email shortly.

Have a great week, everyone!


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