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And the Free Stuff Friday Winners Are...

Posted by Jenna White on Jan, Fri 27, 2012

Wow! This week's Free Stuff Friday was a lot of fun. Thank you to everyone who entered this fun giveaway and shared their stories with us. If you are a lucky winner this week you can expect to receive an email with further instructions on Monday. Here are the lucky winners...

Item 1 Lilac Champagne Medical ID Bracelet Andrea "I have LOVED your stuff since I first saw it. You guys really do a beautiful job. I was diagnosed with Epilepsy 8 years ago after having my son. On January 4th I had a grand mal seizure for the first time in a few years. I ended up having 3 that night and don't remember anything."

Item 2 Pink Pansy Medical ID Bracelet Colette "I am a subscriber & I love #2. The color pink is my favorite color & hope is one of my favorite words. I have severe food & medication allergies & I wear my bracelet at all times. I have had my current one for over two years so something new would be great!"

Item 3 Swiss Army Medical Dog Tag Necklace Tracy "I like number 3 and I bet my cub scout den would think it was cool too."

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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