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Black Friday Event! Save 20% Today

Posted by Jenna White on Nov, Fri 25, 2011

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It’s one a.m. and you’re standing in a line that wraps all the way around the outside of that pricey department store. It feels like it’s about twenty degrees, and you’re silently willing the line to move faster, just hoping that by the time you make it into the store that one really cool item that you just have to have for that certain someone is still in stock.

The grumpy, sleep-deprived crowd buzzes with a false sort of energy. They’re running on pure caffeine and adrenaline, putting up a bright-eyed and alert front, but the bags under their shifty, nervous eyes tell a different story. Everyone in the line is thinking the same thing: I must reach that glorious object first. The holidays will not be complete until that one particular item is in my shopping cart, and you all have no idea just how far I will go to get it...

Ever wish there was an easier way to save?

Say no to the stress. This Black Friday, stay home and get your beauty sleep! Why fight the crowds when you can get something for the whole family from Lauren’s Hope? Our Black Friday sale offers exclusive site-wide savings Use the promo code TAKE20 and save 20% off your entire order! And you can shop till you drop without ever having to change out of your pajamas.

Save 20% today {promo code TAKE20} on fashionable medical ID jewelry for men, women, girls and boys alike. We’re Santa’s one-stop shop for gifts that are thoughtful, trendy, and of course, potentially lifesaving. Try the Stealth or the Figaro for him, and save on some of our shimmering favorites, like the Silver Starburst, Golden Sunburst, or the Swiss Marcasite for her. They’re almost too pretty to give away – so we won’t tell if you splurge on a little something for yourself.

Shop our Black Friday Sale Today!

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