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Heart Disease Awareness Bracelets and Contest Winners

Posted by Jenna White on Feb, Fri 18, 2011

I hope you all had a fantastic week.  In case you missed this week's news, here's a recap of the most popular posts:

I have several interviews and guest bloggers scheduled who have amazing information to share.  Their stories will be both inspirational and informative and I'm sure all of us will find their input valuable.  Do you have a story or experience that you'd like to share?

Learn more about how to become a guest blogger for the Lauren's Hope Medical ID blog.

February is American Heart Month and millions of people are going red this month.  More than 82 million Americans have a heart condition. Show your support this month and throughout the year by wearing one of our Go Red medical ID bracelets. Here are a few of the stunning styles we have to offer. heart month bracelets


free stuff friday winners

Item 1:  Laura, "I love #1. I work in a construction office and all too many times end up dressing down because women are a minority. But this would add a little bit of a feminine touch to make my day."  

Item 2:  Misha, "My son would like to have the freedom from always wearing his bracelet that #2 would provide. Thanks:)"

Item 3:   Lori,  "I really like #3, the triple strand. I am looking for something for my daughter as she prepares to head off to college. I want something that she will wear even when I'm not there to bug her about it and this bracelet really fits the bill!"

If you are a winner of this week's Free Stuff Friday, please email jenna@laurenshope.com to claim your new medical ID from Lauren's Hope.

Are you looking for a new medical ID for yourself or loved one?  I invite you to visit our newest styles for

WOMEN        MEN        GIRLS        BOYS 

You are all invited to become a fan of Lauren's Hope on Facebook.  On Thursday we held a giveaway that only applied to our Facebook fans and it was a blast!  The winner of this giveaway was Karen T. 

laurens hope facebook winner

Here's the sweet Blue Meadow medical ID pendant Karen won.

medical alert necklace


In order to hear about our Facebook contests and giveaways, become a fan now!


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