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New Rose Gold Medical IDs and Colored Medical ID Tags

Posted by Jenna White on Jan, Tue 04, 2011

Medical ID tags have taken on a new look with our engaging collection of Lauren's Hope jewelry.  The old fashioned plaques are a thing of the past.  We have beautiful medical ID tags that will accessorize any attire and also provide life saving medical information.

Our medical ID tag collection is growing and we are pleased to now offer stylish multi-colored Caduceus symbols!

medical id tags


,For those looking for the most elegant medical ID options, we also offer our brand new rose gold medical ID tags. These tags look amazing with our brand new rose gold medical ID bracelet and, of course, our selection of elegant gold medical IDs can help keep you safe and in style.

rose gold medical id tags


rose gold medical id bracelets

You can't look through this season's fashion magazines without seeing advertisments for rose gold jewelry.  Women all over the world have embraced it's warm glow and enjoy having the spotlight where it belongs ... on them.  If you are looking for a long lasting beautiful piece of rose gold jewelry, then we have the perfect choice for you this season. Our brand new rose gold medical ID bracelet with matching rose gold medical ID tag is warm and inviting and can be worn both day and evening.

*I've worn our new rose gold bracelet paired with our rose gold medical ID tag, alongside a rose gold watch that I received for Christmas and can vouch that this pair is as elegant as it is eye catching.  I'm smitten!

You may ask yourself, "Do I  REALLY need to wear a medical ID?" If you live with a disease or medical condition that first responders need to know about, it's absolutely essential that you have a way to communicate this information if you are unable to respond. 

Tips and Hints
  • Remember, in a true medical emergency, if you are unable to communicate, your medical ID tag can be your life saver. Your medical ID tag is there to communicate your medical needs if you can't.  So be sure to engrave the information that will be the most helpful to the medical professionals who are the 1st to arrive at the scene.  
  • If you include medication names on your engraving, be sure to indicate whether or not you are taking the medication or you are allergic to the medication. For example, "ON SULFA" vs. "SULFA ALLERGY"
  • Unless you are listing several numbers for the same person, you do not need to indicate that it is a cell or work number. It is best to abbreviate (C) for cell phone, (W) for work, (H) for home and (DR) for your physician.  
  • A smaller amount of text on a line will result in larger text on the engraved medical ID tag. 
  • The medical ID tag will be easier to read if the lines are evenly spaced. 
  • When listing allergies say “peanut allergy” instead of “allergy to peanuts” - it takes up less space. 

To view our Full Collection of Medical ID Tags Click Here

If you have a question about what to engrave on your medical ID, please don't hesitate to call us at 1-800-360-8680.  We would be happy to help you with your medical ID engraving. 

Once informed that you should wear a medical ID, the next important step is to determine the important information that needs to be engraved on your medical ID tag.  If you are a doctor, nurse or work for a medical ID company, this task isn't typically that difficult. But for every other person on the planet it can be quite daunting! 

Here at Lauren's Hope, we understand the importance of having the proper information engraved should an emergency occur and we are here to help every step of the way when it comes to engraving your medical ID.

To view our full collection of medical ID tags CLICK HERE.

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