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Awareness Medical Alert Bracelets

Posted by Jenna White on Jul, Tue 06, 2010

Show your support and bring awareness to your cause! Our beautiful awareness medical alert bracelets are a fashionable piece of medical alert jewelry that also serves as an awareness bracelet.  Each awareness medical alert bracelet has a charm and the colors that represent the cause you are supporting.  

Our breast cancer awareness bracelet has been designed specifically for breast cancer survivors who are at risk of lymphedema due to a mastectomy.  It features heart shaped glass beads with pink ribbons and is accented with our pink crystal awareness ribbon, pink Swarovski crystals and our signature "HOPE" charm.

breast cancer bracelet, awareness bracelets

Our Gastric Bypass awareness bracelet is the perfect choice for a woman who has had Gastric Bypass or Lap Band surgery. Our beaded options enable us to easily size the bracelet down as your wrist becomes smaller. The silver charm represents that pair of “skinny jeans” we all want to get into!

gastric bypass bracelet, medical id awareness bracelets 

Our Diabetes Awareness bracelet features an elegant pattern of Black Diamond and Translucent Swarovski cyrstals combined with sterling silver accents.  This bracelet is finished off with a sterling silver awareness ribbon and our signature "HOPE" charm.

diabetes awarenss bracelet 

We can also make these medical alert awareness bracelets as traditional bracelets.  If you have a loved one with a particular medical condition, but you do not have a medical condition that requires you to wear a medical ID bracelet, you can still show your support by wearing a traditional version of each awareness bracelet.  Simply Call 1-800-360-8680 To Order.

To view our complete line of medical alert jewelry visit us at www.laurenshope.com

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