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Ask the School Nurse

Posted by Jenna White on Dec, Fri 21, 2012

When you have a child in school with any kind of health concerns, there’s one person with whom parents should make an extra effort to build a relationship: the school nurse. School nurses are the first line of defense for managing health issues, both chronic and immediate, at school, and cooperative relationships with these important healthcare providers are essential aspects of a cohesive health care plan. Unfortunately, many schools and districts are doing away with school nurses, citing budget cuts, and that often creates situations in which EMTs have to respond to student needs when the school nurse would have been able to provide appropriate (and faster) care. It’s a complex situation at best, so we sat down with Las Vegas, NV-based school nurse, Keri Mossel, RN, MSN, and asked her about the ins and outs of school nursing. Here’s what she had to say.

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