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Ask The Expert: Red Flags in Speech and Language Development

Posted by Tara Cohen on Jul, Mon 22, 2013

Today's Lauren's Hope blog comes to us from Sharon Ascher, M.A., CCC-SLP, a highly sought-after Gainesville, Florida-area pediatric speech-language pathologist who specializes in speech and language evaluations and therapy for young children. Last June, we interviewed Mrs. Ascher about aphasia and the many reasons why adults and children with speech and language disorders need to wear medical alert jewelry. Today, she gives us the low-down on recognizing the signs that your child may need speech and language therapy.

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Living With Aphasia: The Basics

Posted by Tara Cohen on Jun, Fri 22, 2012

June is National Aphasia Awareness Month, and even if you’re unfamiliar with the term itself, odds are you’ve known (or known of) someone with aphasia. “Aphasia,” explains Gainesville, Florida-based Speech Language Pathologist, Sharon P. Ascher, MA, CCC-SLP, “is a language disorder that occurs when there is damage to the language center of the brain. It can be caused by trauma or stroke.” That means aphasia is more common in adults, says Ascher, because, “…stroke is more common in adults, especially older adults. Aphasia can also occur from Traumatic Brain Injury [TBI] so it is possible for a child to acquire aphasia due to a brain injury.”

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