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How to Choose and Engrave an Autism Medical ID

Posted by Tara Cohen on Oct, Mon 27, 2014

Every day, I answer customer calls here at Lauren’s Hope.  I love talking with our customers and hearing their stories, learning about their conditions, and helping them find the products that work best for them and their loved ones. Every once in a while, however, I get a very special call. I get a call from a mom just like me.

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My Kid is Allergic to Chocolate

Posted by Tara Cohen on Sep, Wed 04, 2013

So a few weeks back, I had my six-year-old daughter, Julia, tested for food allergies.  She's always had a bit of a weak stomach, and I'd noticed it was worse when she had chocolate, but then she'd drink chocolate almond milk every day (a switch we made after she showed herself to be a bit lactose intolerant) with no problem.  So I just wasn't sure:  Is this a dairy issue?  But she eats cheese just fine.  Is it a chocolate issue?  But her granola bars have little chocolate chips and she's never had a problem.  Is it some additive or processed ingredient?  What about those completely-devoid-of-redeeming-value orange fishy crackers and Cheeze-Its that always make her vomit yet which she continues to eat when I'm not around to remind her not to?  Is it the "cheeze"?  I couldn't quite put my finger on it, so in we went for the blood work.

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