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Posted by Tara Cohen on Oct, Fri 17, 2014

What's more fun than a Friday?

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How to Engrave Your Lymphedema Alert Medical ID

Posted by Tara Cohen on Oct, Wed 15, 2014

Lymphedema is a risk breast cancer patients and survivors know all too well.  Although most commonly associated with lymph node damage and removal during mastectomies, lymphedema can also result from tumor growth that impedes the flow of lymphatic fluid as well as from radiation treatment, which can cause scarring and inflammation of the lymph nodes and vessels.  For these reasons, it is important that all breast cancer patients and survivors wear medical ID jewelry.  So that begs the question...

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Behind The Scenes at Lauren's Hope

Posted by Tara Cohen on Oct, Wed 30, 2013

Here at Lauren's Hope, we're always busy, and that's how we like it! We're busy getting ready for the holidays and planning fab new products for 2014 as well. We're designing and cleaning, and prepping, and yes, even playing a bit! So today, I thought I'd take you on a little behind-the-scenes tour of what's happening here in Riverside, Missouri. 

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Who is "the" Lauren of Lauren's Hope Medical ID Bracelets?

Posted by Tara Cohen on Oct, Fri 04, 2013

Imagine getting a compliment on your Lauren’s Hope bracelet while getting your hair done, only to find out that your stylist is THE Lauren of Lauren’s Hope! That’s just what happened to a Dallas-area woman (right) whose medical alert bracelet caught the eye of her stylist recently, because 25-year-old cosmetologist Lauren Philips can spot a Lauren’s Hope design a mile off. After all, she IS Lauren.

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Today Is National "Wear Red Day": Enter To Win a Free Medical ID!

Posted by Jenna White on Feb, Fri 01, 2013


Every year on February 1st, people all over America wear red to raise awareness about heart disease in women. More women die from heart disease each year than die of all forms of cancer combined! We’re wearing red here in the office today, and are posting pictures to the Lauren’s Hope Facebook page on featuring Lauren’s Hope team members wearing red to get the word out! Join us in wearing red TODAY, and upload your pictures to our Facebook page to be entered to win a Good Heart Medical ID Bracelet, free from Lauren’s Hope! Details below!*

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Lauren's Hope Employee Spotlight: Grace

Posted by Jenna White on Jul, Thu 26, 2012

Today I'm catching up with the very first Lauren's Hope employee. That's right, Grace was just a young girl when she first began working for Lauren's Hope and has done just about everything from stuffing envelopes to chatting with customers on Twitter to being part of our customer service team and helping out customers like you!

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What Do I Engrave On My Medical ID Bracelet?

Posted by Tara Cohen on Jul, Wed 18, 2012

If there’s one question we get asked the most here at Lauren’s Hope, it’s, “What do I engrave on my medical ID bracelet?” There is, of course, no single answer that applies to everyone because a medical ID tag is as individual as the person who wears it. Fortunately, there some general guidelines we’ve developed over the years, and they should help point you in the right direction.

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Spotlight on Customer Service Goddess: Tracy Battmer

Posted by Jenna White on Jun, Wed 27, 2012

Today, I'm catching up with our amazing customer service manager, Tracy Battmer. If you've ever placed an order over the phone or called in with questions, chances are you've spoken with Tracy.

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Free Stuff Friday and Facebook Winner Announcement!

Posted by Jenna White on Feb, Thu 10, 2011


Thank you to everyone who participated in our recent Facebook contest.  Many of you left comments on our wall, shared with your family and friends, tweeted the good news, and even posted on your blogs. The lucky winner of this contest is Maria Fitzpatrick.  Maria has a wonderful blog that focuses on her weight loss surgery and her journey to become ... formerly fluffy.

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Lauren's Hope Supports Leo and the Hemophilia Foundation

Posted by Jenna White on Sep, Wed 01, 2010

Lauren's Hope supports Leo and the Hemophilia Foundation

Leo captured our hearts one afternoon in August when his mom posted his photo on the Lauren's Hope Facebook page along with information about their local Hemophilia Awareness walk. Lauren's Hope is proud to support our customer Leo in his quest to raise funds for Hemophilia Awareness, which is why we are donating 10% of the proceeds of Item #V14 for the entire month of September 2010 to Leo's team, The Woodge! Leo will walk on October 16, 2010 in North Carolina.

Leo was born in Guatemala on April 5, 2001.  He was adopted when he was 3-1/2 years old in September of 2004.  In 2005, Leo was diagnosed with Hemophilia. Leo is now 9 years old and in 3rd grade. He makes very good grades, loves math and science, but not writing so much! Leo is a master leo-builder and spends much of his time building with legos, doing puzzles, playing on the Wii or computer, and he loves chapter books (mysteries and adventures). Leo brightens up any room. He's one of the more compassionate, bright, inquisitive little guys you'll ever meet, and he's got the best sense of humor.

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