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Epilepsy In The News

Posted by Tara Cohen on Mar, Fri 29, 2013

Epilepsy In The News

Epilepsy is in the news this month, as television personality and co-host of E!’s “Fashion Police,” Kelly Osbourne, was hospitalized for five days after experiencing a seizure at work. The media went into an immediate frenzy, calling the episode an, “epileptic fit,” and referring to Osbourne as, “an epileptic.” Osbourne has since been released, with one of her representatives telling E! News, “Doctors ran numerous tests and determined that this was most likely a onetime episode of which there are no conclusive results.”

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Ask the Responder Part 1

Posted by Tara Cohen on Jul, Wed 04, 2012

Ask The First Responder: Part 1

Have you ever wondered if, in an emergency, your medical ID jewelry really would come in handy? Ever wonder what information EMTs really need to see on your ID? We sat down with Jeremy, a Lauren’s Hope customer, father of two girls with epilepsy, and an Engineer with Santa Barbara City Fire, and asked just that.

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