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Why You Need A Blood Thinner Medical ID Bracelet

Posted by Tara Cohen on Dec, Tue 20, 2016

Not long ago, an acquaintance was telling me a story, which led to his sharing with me that he had experienced multiple heart attacks several years prior. In discussing his story, he told me how much better his health had become as he had made some lifestyle changes and that on a daily basis, the only thing he didn’t like was having to take blood thinners. Of course, my eyes flicked down to his wrist. No medical ID. I looked at his neck...no necklace chain.... So I asked, “Did your doctor ever tell you that you need to wear a medical ID for blood thinner use?” And his answer stunned me: No.

Considering how adamant most cardiologists and general practitioners are about ensuring that their patients wear “heart patient” medical ID bracelets or necklaces, and especially that people on blood thinners wear medical ID jewelry, I was really surprised when he followed up with a question of his own: “Why would I need to wear a medical ID if I’m on blood thinners?” I’m not ashamed to admit I got up on my soapbox a little on this one because this is a really big deal. But if no one told this man he needed a medical ID when on blood thinners, odds are there are other people on blood thinners who don’t know why they need one either. So here we go:

Three (or more...) Reasons Why You Need A Blood Thinner Medical Alert

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