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Spotlight on Lauren's Hope Graphic Designer, Quinn Mills

Posted by Brittany McNeal on Aug, Fri 29, 2014

When she's not planning an epic, company-wide ALS Ice Bucket Challenge or talking about her new puppy Milton, you'll find Lauren's Hope Graphic Designer, Quinn Mills, meticulously planning and executing the product photos, marketing emails, and graphic design projects our customers see every day, worldwide.

Quinn Lauren's HopeBrittany: So, how did you get into graphic design?
Quinn: Wow what a question! Well, I’ve had a great appreciation for art ever since I could remember… Unfortunately, it is very difficult to make a good living in that profession so I looked more into graphic design. I’ve always appreciated advertisement design, both print and digital. It’s just amazing to think about graphic design as more than just something pretty to look at. Graphic design has meaning…has purpose. And being able to speak to millions of people through design is what makes me love what I do.

Brittany: What do you enjoy the most about designing for Lauren’s Hope?
Quinn: I enjoy many things about designing for LH… I like taking photos of new designs that come through. I get kind of a sneak peek at what’s coming out next, and I kinda get a kick out of editing the photos. I love being able to highlight the beauty of each piece that comes through here. I truly love designing emails, however. Trying new layouts, featuring new products, and experimenting with new design concepts are all part of what makes my job exciting.

QuinnSpotlightBrittany: Is there someone in your life who wears a Lauren’s Hope ID?
Quinn: Yes! My mother wears a beaded medical ID as an In Case of Emergency ID. My Father is diabetic and a post heart patient, so I got one for him to wear. I designed a cuff recently, (The Dorothy Cuff), and bought it for my grandmother Dorothy to wear as an ICE bracelet. I wear one as well, because I have asthma.

Brittany: What would people be surprised to know about your work here at Lauren’s Hope?

Quinn: Well, what surprises people the most when I tell them where I work is that we sell fashionable medical ID jewelry. I’m usually wearing my bracelet so I show them mine and how it works and then they realize that they need one or they know someone else who needs one.  Other than that, all the cool stuff I get to do here and that I found a job in my field of study surprises people.

Brittany: Who and what inspires you?
Quinn: I’m always inspired by other designers out there. I’m talking about the ones who have been in the industry for decades and are at the top of their game. I love coming across other graphic designers’ work and wondering, “How did they even come up with that?”  As far as WHAT inspires me…I mean, look outside! Graphic design is everywhere. We see it on our way to work, on TV, on our clothes, in books. The fact that the average person sees between 3,000 and 5,000 advertisements in a day inspires me. Take billboards for example…to design something that “famous,” yet no one knows you were the one who made it. Graphic design gives me a chance to put something out there that evokes emotion, makes a personal connection, or brings back a memory. That, right there, is inspiring to me.

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