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Free Stuff Friday with Onespot Allergy!

Posted by Tara Cohen on Dec, Fri 13, 2013

free stuff friday with Lauren's HopeThank you for visiting!
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Yes, it's the most wonderful time of the week: It's FREE STUFF FRIDAY! Woo! And even better than that, for today's FREE STUFF FRIDAY, we're teaming up with our friend Elizabeth Goldenberg of Onespot™Allergy, who will be giving our TWO WINNERS each a free Onespot™ Allergy Best EpiPen belt (adult sizes in black only, children's sizes in black, turquoise, red with white polka dots, and lime green) in addition to the $50 Lauren's Hope Medical ID Jewelry gift certificate they'll each win! THAT'S A $75 RETAIL VALUE FOR EACH WINNER! 

The Best EpiPen BeltSo, what do you have to do to enter to win these faaaabulous prizes? Just leave us a comment below to enter. If you follow Lauren's Hope and Onespot™Allergy on Facebook, let us know that in the comments, and we'll give you an extra entry.* 

We'll be accepting entries all weekend. What to do while you wait with baited breath to see if you won? Read these super helpful tips for an allergy-friendly holiday, of course! 

Onespot™Allergy Top Ten Tips – For a Safe Festive Season

Turquoise Best Epipen Belt1. Teachers often schedule a festive season party. Check on the safety of the food being served, and send a safe treat for your child or the entire class.

2. Children are usually encouraged by teachers to wash their hands before lunch. Ensure that they will have a chance to wash their hands before the party.

3. Parents often bring unsolicited food to class during the holidays. Give your child’s teacher a box of safe treats to be substituted for your child, and talk to your child’s teacher to ensure there is a food protocol in place to reduce the risk, such as having parents provide an ingredient list to the school office.

4. Seasonal class activities sometimes involve food, like building and decorating a gingerbread house. Check with your child’s teacher in advance to see what he or she has planned, review its safety, offer to help shop for supplies, and provide your phone number in case any issues arise.

5. Stock up in advance on festive candy like chocolate coins and candy canes that are safe for your child, as they can be hard to find at the last minute. These sometimes come home from school unsolicited, and you’ll be able to swap them for something safe.

epipen and small fun glass medical ID bracelet

6. If you’re not a regular volunteer in your child’s classroom, the holiday season is a great time to get involved. As much as your schedule allows, supervise craft days involving food, class parties, and field trips.

7. The holiday season is also a great time to say thank you to your child’s teachers and caregivers for everything they do to help keep your child safe. Acknowledge this specifically in your holiday cards and continue to thank them throughout the New Year.

8. When traveling or visiting family and friends, have a bag of safe foods with you for your child. Check with your host in advance about the safety of every food being served. If you know that there will be unsafe foods served, bring substitutes for your child.

9. Have a quick look around when visiting family and friends to ensure the environment is safe. It’s surprising how often you will find unsafe items within reach, like bowls of unsafe foods, and centerpieces or displays that include nuts or other foods.

10. Children often run off to play with each other during celebrations. Make sure someone is with them who would recognize the signs of an allergic reaction and know how to administer emergency medication. Make sure your child has medication within reach at all times.

*The winners will be randomly selected using Rafflecopter, and they'll be announced here  (below) on Monday, December 16, 2013. If you or anyone in your household has won a prize from Lauren's Hope in the last six months, or if you or a family member are/is employed by Lauren's Hope, you are inelibigle to win. There are some more rules, and they're super boring to read, but they're right here if you're so inclined.


AAAAAnd the winners are....

Mary Taylor who entered with this comment:

winnerThose pouches are pretty cool! I work with the jr high and high school youth at my church and I myself have allergies that require carrying and Epi pen. Whenever I'm at youth group tho it reassures the parents of my kids with allergies that I carry extra Not only mine but my extra Epi pen just in case. I know all the kids with allergies and now have made my fellow volunteers hyper aware and sensitive to the needs of these kids with allergies. Plus they love my Lauren's hope bracelet and I always recommend you to them because you have the best medical jewelry! Just thought this Epi pen bag tmwould make carrying it from activities all around our church campus a little easier. ;) thanks for the awareness your company brings!


Deanna who entered with this one:

My 5 year old would love this, she is so active and her current Epi Carrier is too bulky :( I just found out about these sites (OneSpot Allergy & Lauren's Hope) and started following. I am glad we live in an age where FA parents can share and connect!

Congratulations to our winners! Please email tara@laurenshope.com to claim your prizes!

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