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It's a Back-To-School Free Stuff Friday!

Posted by Tara Cohen on Aug, Fri 09, 2013

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Who loves Friday? That's right. EVERYONE.

Who loves Free Stuff? Again, yup, EVERYONE.

Who loves Free Stuff on a Friday?

Let me check. Oh, right. Absolutely EVERYONE. 

So this week, if it's even possible, Free Stuff Friday is even BETTER than usual because we have a super duper amazing and fantastic back-to-school guest blog from the always-fab Denise, aka Mom of Bean, the T1D blogger behind My Sweet Bean and Her Pod. Are you following her blog? Because you should be. It's that awesome

Not a parent of a T1D kid? Denise still has some great tips for managing a child's healthcare at school. Plus, throughout this post, you'll see great product photos (Click the images for more product info!) to help you get your kid(s) ready for school. Not interested in the back-to-school craziness? Don't sweat it. We still have free stuff for you this week. Just scroll down to the contest at the bottom of this post. 

Without further ado...here's what Denise has to say about T1Ding it right at school...


Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Back To School We Go!

bag tagIf only I had seven dwarfs to help with this process, it would be oh, so much easier to head into the ‘back to school’ season with a kiddo with Type 1 Diabetes.

Every year the scene is the same: dazed and confused parents wandering up and down the aisles and aisles of notebooks and folders and scissors and glue and crayons and, and, and!

Well, we D’rents get to continue the dazed wandering up and down in other aisles, too.  Our kiddos need things like juice boxes and granola bars and peanut butter crackers and alcohol swabs and, and, and!

And of course you have to factor in at least one meeting with teachers and staff before school starts to go over the medical plan and the 504 plan and the ‘what to look for highs and lows’ plan and, and, and!

It’s enough to make you want to crawl under your beach blanket and never come out!

BUT, that’s really not an option…as much as I wish it were, and that there was a buff pool boy to bring me yummy drinks with little umbrellas every hour on the hour!

Oh, sorry….back to back to school! 

insulin pump setJust as every kiddo is different, every kiddo with Type 1 (or any other medical condition for that matter) is different, plus every school has its own set of rules and regulations.   Please know, though, that there are federal laws in place that guarantee the rights of our kiddos and you have every right to make sure those rights are protected.  A great place to start, if you aren’t aware of those right is the American Diabetes Association website diabetes.org.  Having that layer of protection, whether you ever have to use it or not, is important.  It’s like car insurance…you don’t plan to get into an accident, but if you do, at least you are covered!

So once we have all the pencils and notebooks and glue and scissors and, and, and…here’s what I make sure goes to school with my Type 1 kiddo:

classroom supply boxFor each classroom (she happens to have two), I pack a school supply box with two juice boxes, two GoGo Sqeez apple sauces, two granola bars, and two pre-portioned baggies of Goldfish crackers.  This way, if Bean is low in class and she’s either (a) already used the juice and/or apple sauce that she carries on her at all times or (b) forgotten to pack said juice and/or sauce, she has what she needs without having to go to the nurse’s office or front office…which is not really safe if she’s low!  The granola bars are a great BG boost before recess or PE, to help sustain her through physical activity.  They have also come in handy when she’s forgotten her lunch!  The pre-portioned Goldfish are her ‘go to’ for before recess if her BG is below a preset number.  This, for her, is the perfect amount of carbs to keep her BG holding steady during the 30 minutes of outside activity.

Her name is on the side of the box and it has a special place in each room for easy access and visibility so it can be retrieved by whoever is helping during a low BG.

There is also a baggie, labeled with her name, containing an apple sauce and apple juice box for each specialist room….Art, Music, PE…just in case she needs to treat a low BG there and her supplies that are ‘always with her’ aren’t with her.  The front office also has a baggie.

Then, there’s the nurse’s office.  That’s where all the medical stuff is stored in a locked cabinet, per our district’s policies.  This larger container has juice boxes and apple sauces (because you can’t really ever have too many of those!) as well as alcohol swabs, extra pods (her insulin pump), extra lancet barrels, extra batteries for her meter/pump controller, extra meter, extra strips, Glucagon, and ‘just in case’ syringes.  She keeps her insulin with her…this takes a district specific release form.

Bean first day 3rdI mentioned that she has juice and apple sauce with her all the time.  She also has her medical alert bracelet, meter/pump controller (PDM) and the case it goes in that has her insulin, strips, FastClix lancing device, extra meter, blood ketone meter and strips, and batteries.  This little kit is something she brings to and from home daily.  She carries this kit, juice, and GoGo Sqeez apple sauce in a mini backpack with her all day.  In fact, she feels weird if it’s not on her back!  This year, since she’ll be going to fourth grade, we’ve ‘upgraded’ to a pleather purse-style backpack.  Gotta be fashionable, ya know!!

Every morning (theoretically), her mini backpack is checked to make sure she has what she needs.  I rely on the teachers, nurse, and office staff to let me know when their supplies are running low.  I do try to remember to check before Winter Break to make sure the juice boxes and apple sauces haven’t expired and trade out granola bars and Goldfish so they aren’t nasty.  Yeah, I’m nice like that! 

It’s not a perfect system and there are times that she runs out of things.  But, thankfully there are enough supplies here and there throughout the school that she can always treat a low BG within mere moments of testing and/or feeling it.

Yes, it takes a lot to get ready for ‘back to school’ and with a kiddo with a medical condition there’s more added to that process.  But, starting off on the right foot, with supplies ready for when they are needed, helps lessen the insanity!

 Dia kit CTA


And now... what you've been waiting for... the free stuff! This week, we're giving away a THREE prizes, including a BRAND NEW PRODUCT! Yup!

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diabetes mini dog tag medical id necklaceAlrighty, let's get to the freebies! You can enter today's Free Stuff Friday in any of the following ways. Do what works for you! 

1. Share this article via Facebook or Twitter with the following hash tags in your link description: #laurenshopeid and #dblog. Post a comment here letting us know where you shared the article.

2. Share a comment here telling us how you manage your child's health care condition(s) at school. What supplies and plans do you need to have in place?

3. activewear slimShare a comment here telling us how you manage your health care condition(s) at work. What supplies do you need to keep on hand at work? Do you have a designated co-worker who knows where it all is, or do you keep supplies on your person?

What next?

On Monday, August 12th, we will post the winners of this week's Free Stuff Friday on the Lauren's Hope Facebook wall and Twitter feed. So be sure to "like" our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter at @LaurensHopeID so you'll know if you won! 

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