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You-Choose-It! An All-New Free Stuff Friday!

Posted by Tara Cohen on Jul, Fri 12, 2013

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It's Friday = Awesome.

It's a FREE STUFF FRIDAY = More awesome.

It's a FREE STUFF FRIDAY and YOU get to pick your prize = MOST awesome! 

Free Stuff Friday

Yup, this week's FREE STUFF FRIDAY is a "You-Choose-It" Giveaway! ONE lucky winner will receive a special Lauren's Hope gift certificate via email, valid for $50 toward any purchase PLUS free shipping! Check out the rules and legaleze below and click the link there for more info. 

So, in the spirit of making choices, to gain entry to this week's FREE STUFF FRIDAY, all you have to do is choose between the two proposed names for these upcoming products and tell us why you chose them. Easy peasy lemon squeezy. 

!!Midnight Moon Product Nameit

!!Zuma Lakehouse Bracelet Product Nameit












1. Check out the photos and the two names.

2. Comment below, vote for one name for each product, and tell us why you chose it. The names with the most votes will become these new bracelets' names!

3. Don't like either name? Share your suggestion and the reason behind it! We'll count that as your entry, and we may use it for an upcoming product!

4. Check back here on Monday, July 15, 2013, to find out if you won! We'll post the winner's name at the bottom of this article AND on the Lauren's Hope Facebook wall, so be sure to "like" us there so you'll see the post! 

*(Rules and Legaleze: If you win Free Stuff Friday, you must contact us within 72 hours to claim your prize. We will post winners here and on the Lauren's Hope Facebook wall, and we will email you at the email associated with your entry comment. Your gift certificate code may not be combined with any other coupon codes or discounts and is valid for thirty (30) days from the time it is sent. Your gift code is non-transferrable, has no cash value, and must be used in a single transaction on any new purchase. You may spend more than $50 if you wish to pay the difference.)





1- Cirrus  
I love midnight moon, but I'd think that name is common sounding, and I think maybe more deep purples, black, and silver when I think of "midnight" Cirrus evokes a cloud against a blue sky... which is what I think of with that one larger pale bead against all those rich blues.  
2- Lake House  
I think a lot of people will think of the online game when they think of "Zuma"... while lake house is watery blue green and beachy sand colors.   
That said, I might suggest another option for #2, because the first thing I thought of when I saw it was that it looked like Santa Fe... so something like Santa Fe Horizons. It has the bronzy color of the reddish sands, the turquoise, silver, and the green of prickly pear cactus... I saw this and thought how wonderful this would look when I went to volunteer at the living history museum, and how it would go so well with my other jewelry!  

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