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The Triumphant Return of FREE STUFF FRIDAY!

Posted by Tara Cohen on May, Fri 17, 2013

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This give-away has ended.
Please check back soon. 


Ta Da!! Free Stuff Friday is BACK and better than ever!

Free Stuff Friday! Free medical alert jewelry

We have some awesome free stuff to give away, so let’s do it!

Today, our Free Stuff Friday is taking place right here on the Lauren’s Hope blog, and we’ll be giving away THREE SETS OF OUR SILICONE MEDICAL ALERT BANDS!

silicone band, medical alert bracelet, peanut allergyThe winners will get to choose from our two- and three-band Diabetes, Epilepsy, Food Allergy, and Peanut Allergy silicone sets. See all the options here! Entering is easy peasy lemon squeezy! Here’s the deal:

1. Pick your favorite Lauren’s Hope blog article. You can search for past articles by using the search function over there ---> on the right.

2. Share the article on Facebook, Twitter, Google +, or another social media site, and then…

Silicone medical alert bracelets3. Comment on the article and tell us why you chose it and where you shared it. Commenting is turned off for articles over a month old, but not to worry! You can choose a past article by commenting here, including the title of the article, and writing why you chose it and where you shared it.

That’s it! You’re entered to win* today’s Free Stuff Friday! Visit us here AND on Facebook tomorrow to find out if you won! If you win*, you have three days to email us and claim your prize.

*Winners are selected at random. No purchase necessary.
Employees of Lauren’s Hope and their family members are
not eligible to win. We try to keep things fair by limiting FreeStuff Friday to one winner per household per six-month
period. It’s an honor system, folks. Let’s give everyone a
chance to win! Thanks! For our full contest rules and
regulations, please click here.



  1. Jackie, who shared 10 things you should know about Diabetes - June 2011, and wrote this comment: My son is T1 and we have been dealing with this for over 13 years. I became a RN with this in mind. Everyone deals with diabetes in their own way and you have to respect that, it is hard, but not IMPOSSIBLE. Even so, I CAN'T WAIT for a CURE!! shared on Facebook.
  2. Daniele, who shared 10 Examples of How a Medical ID Can Save Your Life, and wrote this comment: I chose this because my daughter has food allergies. It is extremely important for her and us to be aggressive in keeping safe. Especially now that she's in school, where there are a lot of people, it is crucial that everyone can easily see she has an allergy. Thank you! 
  3. Diane Samelson, who shared Epilepsy In The News, and wrote this comment: My daughter has epilepsy and I was so amazed when I took her to see "Wreck it Ralph" that the entire movie makes fun of a character with a condition that they refer to as "glitches". It was awful. Hopefully this educated people.
CONGRATULATIONS! Each of our lucky winners has until Tuesday night to redeem her prize. Please choose from any of our fantastic silicone medical alert band sets, and email tara@laurenshope.com with your choices! Everyone else, stay tuned! Free Stuff Friday is back to stay! 

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