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Spotlight on Customer Service Goddess: Tracy Battmer

Posted by Jenna White on Jun, Wed 27, 2012

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Today, I'm catching up with our amazing customer service manager, Tracy Battmer. If you've ever placed an order over the phone or called in with questions, chances are you've spoken with Tracy.

Tara: How long have you been with Lauren’s Hope?

Tracy: 2 years

Tara: What do you enjoy most about being a customer service representative for LH?

Tracy: I really enjoy our customers.  I like to hear their stories and I like rejoicing in their triumphs with them.  When our customers are facing a tough time, I like being a bright spot in their day.

Tara: What does a typical day look like for you?

Tracy: Every day is very busy at Lauren’s Hope.  My day is filled with a ringing phone, invoices flying and orders being shipped.

Tara: Is there someone in your life who wears a Lauren’s Hope ID? If so, tell us a little about him or her, including whether it’s an ID you designed.

Tracy: I have two daughters and they both wear Lauren’s Hope bracelets.  One needs it for medical reasons and the other wears a traditional bracelet just because she loves it!  I did not design these bracelets, but when I saw them come out of our studio-I begged the designer to name them after my girls.  They did and then I bought them for my daughters!  You should check out Amanda Kay and Emmy’s Love.  My Mom, my sister, my Mother-in-Law, and several friends wear Lauren’s Hope bracelets as well.  

Tara: How do you feel when customers call and tell you how their Lauren’s Hope medical IDs have helped them in emergencies?

Tracy: Oh, it feels wonderful to know that the work you do every day is meaningful to others.  Even just hearing that Lauren’s Hope bracelets offer such a sense of peace is awesome to hear.  I always knew that wearing a medical ID was important, however until my daughter needed one, I didn’t realize that style counts too.  I soon realized that having a stylish medical ID bracelet was almost as important as the medical information that the ID holds.

Tara: What would people be surprised to know about your work?

Tracy: How much work we produce in a day!  The endless creativity that flows from the designers. (And how quickly it is all done.)

To learn even more about Tracy AND see "behind-the-scenes" details on what goes on after you've placed your order, check out our Behind the Scenes: The Birth of a Medical ID Bracelet post!

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