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Rise of Smartphones and the Best Fitness Apps

Posted by Jenna White on Feb, Mon 20, 2012

health and fitness app listMany people struggle with living a healthy lifestyle. Since the rise of smart phones, app developers have tried to tackle this problem with apps designed specifically to help people improve and maintain their health, as well as monitor and treat health conditions such as weight gain, malnutrition and stress. Some of the best free and paid fitness and health apps on the market use smart phones as a tool to incorporate fitness plans and health management into work, school or home schedules.

Great General Fitness Apps

Daily Workout is a series of seven fitness and health apps -- Daily Full Body, Daily Cardio, Daily Yoga, Daily Leg, Daily Arm, Daily Butt and Daily Ab -- focused on targeted and full body strength training, muscle toning, heart and mind/body health. Each app presents videos of a certified personal trainer providing guidance for various workout routines.

Fitness Pro for smart phones is a fitness exercise database app featuring over 450 illustrated exercises. Each illustration provides text-based and anatomy lessons with the anatomy lessons outlining areas of the body targeted by each exercise. In addition, Fitness Pro users can create customized workouts and track their progress.

British Military Fitness: My Fitness Instructor is another customizable exercise and training app. It features more than 5,000,000 voice and optional video instruction workouts. Other features include exercise history tracking, workout synchronization with friends and regular online accessible exercise updates.

Diet and Weight Loss Apps

Nutrition Tips is a free app providing nutrition advice and tips from the United States Department of Agriculture featured on informational websites such as Nutrition.gov and USDA.gov. Tips are designed to help users to improve their nutritional health and prevent illness.

MyFitnessPal is an app designed to help users maintain a healthy weight and diet. The app features a calorie counter, diet and exercise journal and database of 1,480,000 food and restaurant items that users can pull from to create a personal food database, diet profile and recipes.

MyNetDiary Pro Calorie Counter and Food Diary, another diet and exercise tracking and management tool, contains a database with more than 430,000 food items. It offers healthy eating solutions, a food and recipe addition tool, nutrient and water intake tracking, and more than 500 exercise routines.

Running Apps

Couch to 5K, or Get Running, is based on the Couch to 5K program that guides anyone currently in a sedentary lifestyle to a more active lifestyle in a 9 week period through a gradual increase of movement set to the user's pace. The app provides walking and running guidance including the best times to take a break and when to change pace during a workout.

Nike + GPS is a tracking and motivation running tool. It maps out a run via GPS, provides monitoring and tracking and a running summary. Its motivation tools include mid-run cheers from family and friends tracking a runner's status, as well as encouraging messages from Nike athletes.

Mind/Body Apps

Pocket Yoga features illustrated techniques for over 27 sessions from the Gaia Flow Yoga style of yoga. The app is designed to help users find harmony with all aspects of "self" -- spiritual, physical, mental and emotional. The app also includes a dictionary of poses.

All-In-Yoga features 200 poses with voice, video and image instruction, three dimensional muscle models displaying each pose, yoga program customization and a workout progress tracking calendar. In addition, it offers messages from yoga practitioners and yoga music for encouragement.

Do you have any great apps to add to our list? If so, please leave a comment letting us know what else is out there. I'm off to download a few of these great apps myself and will be sure to let you know what I think after using a few.

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