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Signs and Symptoms of a Stroke


You’re  having  trouble  speaking,  and  you  feel  a  serious  headache  coming  on.  You  can’t  seem  to  get  a  grip  on  anything,  you  feel  strange,  and  one  side  of  your  body  seems  unusually  weak. 

You  may be  having  a  stroke.

That’s  what  happened  to  our  customer,  Amie  Boggeman, when  she  was  only  37  years old.

“It  was  2:30  in  the  morning.  I  somehow  knew  I  was  having  a  stroke.  I  knew  I  had  to  get  to  my  cell  phone  right  away,  and  as  I  walked  to  the  end  of  my  bed,  my  left  side  went  completely  numb  and  I  fell  to  the  floor,”  Amie  said.  “I  drug  myself  across  the  floor  to  the  living  room,  where  my  cell  phone  was.”

stroke awarenessAmie  was  experiencing  a  stroke,  which  occurs  when  the  blood  supply  to  the  brain  is  interrupted  or  reduced. When  a  blood  vessel  becomes  blocked  or  ruptures,  the  brain  is  deprived  of  oxygen  and  nutrients  and  it  can  kill  brain  cells,  according  to  the  Mayo  Clinic.

“Since  I’m  not  really  at  the  age  where  I  should  have  all  of  these  health  conditions,  and  [since]  I’m  a  single  mother  of  a  toddler,  I  truly  believe  my  alert bracelet  could  save  my  life  if  I  were  to  have  another  stroke  or  even  a  heart  attack  later  on,”  Amie  said.  “With  my  condition,  every  single  second  matters,  and  for  an  emergency  response  team  to  have  a  lead  on  what  could  possibly  be  going  on  with  me  during  a  crisis  situation,  I  feel  protected  and  safe  with  my  alert bracelet  on.  I  can  give  out  information  without  saying  a  word.  That's  peace  of  mind  for  someone  with  my  circumstances.”

We  tend  to  think  of  strokes  as  affecting  only  older  generations,  but  Amie  wasn’t  even  forty  when  she  had  hers. 

She  is  a  perfect  example  of  how  strokes  are  becoming  more  common  among  young  people.  In  fact,  a  recent  study  shows  that  stroke  hospitalizations  for  younger  women  (ages  15-44)  are  up  26  percent,  according  to  a  recent  article  in  Shape  Magazine.  However,  the  article  also  offers  a  few  tips  for  preventing  stroke.

1.  Make  a  trip  to  Starbucks.  Drinking  at  least  one  cup  of  antioxidant-rich  coffee  a  day  may  give  you  a  25  percent  lower  risk  of  stroke, according to the journal STROKE.
2.  Eat  seafood.  The  omega-3s  in  salmon,  mackerel  and  tuna  may  lower  blood  pressure  –  and  lower  your  risk  of  stroke  by  16  percent,  if  you  eat  three  servings  a  week.
3.  Take  your  vitamins.  Take  a  vitamin  D  supplement  with  at  least  1,000  international  units  a  day  to  avoid  stiff  arteries.  It  can  boost  absorption  by  more  than  50  percent,  according  the  Cleveland  Clinic.
4.  Turn  off  the  TV.  People  who  spend  4  hours  or  more  in  front  of  the  tube  are  125  percent  more  likely  to  suffer  from  a  heart  attack  or  stroke  than  people  who  limit  themselves  to  two  hours  a  day,  according  to  University  College  of  London  researchers.

If you have suffered a stroke, or are at risk of a stroke you should be wearing a medical ID bracelet.  Check with your doctor on what they recommend you engrave on your medical ID tag and view the following examples:




Thank you for the very important update...I, like Amie, had a stroke 
early in life...the headache was so 
severe, I felt as if I could bang 
my head against a brick wall, it would somehow null the pain...but 
that is another sign/symptom of these debilitating problems. 
Thanks for the updates. 
We appreciate Laura's Hope.
Posted @ Wednesday, June 08, 2011 7:05 PM by Linda Britnell
Thanks so much for your support, Linda, and for pointing out another serious symptom of a stroke. It is so important to raise awareness of this problem and to do what we can to prevent it. Thanks for sharing!
Posted @ Friday, June 10, 2011 8:08 AM by Emily
I had a stroke march 22 2011 at the age of 51 I didn't know what was going on I kept choking on my water and droping the bottle and my 2 yr old grand daughter whom I was watching at the time was asking me if I was sick I was trying to tell her no But I could'nt understand what I was saying so I don't know if she understood me Thank God her mother came home from school early and noticed something was wrong with me.It is one of the worst feelings I've ever had and had no clie as to what was going on. I just recieved my bracelet in the mail yesterday makes me feel alot better wearing it. and I just love it.I did'nt have any headaches just speech problem and left sideed loss of function and feeling. krpt droping things with lrft hand.
Posted @ Thursday, June 30, 2011 9:29 PM by Rena
I subscribed to this blog I'm not sure if I'm doing this right to enter the drawing or not ,but this is the bracelet I'd Like to win if I am.E23 Double Strand Purple Crystal Medical ID Bracelet.
Posted @ Thursday, June 30, 2011 9:36 PM by Rena
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