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Congratulations to our Free Stuff Friday Winners!

Posted by Jenna White on Mar, Sat 19, 2011

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This give-away has ended. Please check back soon.


free stuff friday winners

What a wonderful Free Stuff Friday this week has been! Thank you to everyone who entered the contest, shared their stories and joined in the fun.

The winner's of this week's contest are:

Item 1 Hazel  "I love #1. I work in a clinic for lower socioeconomic children. One pack of 4 would allow me to gift 4 chidren."

Item 2  Linda J. "I have diabetes for 4 yrs. also I am deaf. I have one medical id bracelet which says my name, diabetes and deaf so EMS doctor will know I am deaf when he reads my bracelet. So you can suggest others who are deaf to put down on their medical ID bracelet or tag necklace as that."

Item 3  Teresa W.  "I love #3. I have been wearing your medical bracelets for years. I take coumadin and have to wear something that says that. Right now I am wearing the one that looks almost like #3 but has a mittens charm. I am so ready to spring and want to put the mittens away till next winter. Thank you for having such great stuff and awesome quality as well."


If you a lucky winner of this week's Free Stuff Friday, please email jenna@laurenshope.com to claim your bracelet.

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