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This Week's Free Stuff Friday Winners

Posted by Jenna White on Apr, Fri 08, 2011

free stuff friday winners

As always, we loved reading each of your Free Stuff Friday comments and are excited to announce this week's winners.

Item 1:  Kate: "I like #1 and #3 the best, it'd be hard choosing between them.  I'd probably take #1 because I need something cheery for the summer!" 

Item 2:  Tristan: "I am Tristan's Aunt and I would love to enter him to win #2. Tristan has Autism and is an incredible person. He is an awesome kid. He is proud of his differences and loves to share his gifts with everyone. He would love to wear a bracelet that lets people know why he is a little different than them but still a wonderful person to know. He is the perfect "puzzle piece" in our family. Thank You"

Item 3:  Heather: "I would love to have one of these for myself. I suffer from a sever allergy to penicillin AND have Arnold Chiari Malformation as well. Both of these conditions are something people need to know about me if something was to happen."

If you are a winner of one of this week's items, please email jenna@laurenshope.com to claim your bracelet.

In case you haven't downloaded our free emergency notes sheet, you should really do that now! These are perfect for hanging on your refrigerator or near a phone. 

emergency notes sheetTo download, CLICK HERE.











Have a great weekend, everyone!

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