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Meet our Designer of Handcrafted Medical Alert Jewelry

Posted by Jenna White on Mar, Mon 07, 2011

This post is brought to you by our very own silversmith. Ann Kathryn came to Lauren's Hope with a metal and jewelry design degree and has wowed us with her eye for design, creativity and skill. She wanted to share with all of you her thoughts on creating custom medical alert jewelry for Lauren's Hope customers.


newann katblog pictureI became a part of the Lauren's Hope team almost two years ago when the owners were looking to expand the company and add on a jewelry design studio. I was thrilled to land the job and immediately started sketching out designs.

From there, we got the work space together and built our studio with the necessary tools and precious metals to create the sterling silver medical alert jewelry you can find on our site. Since then, I have designed dozens of sterling silver medical alert bracelets, medical alert pendants and earrings for Lauren's Hope - all that were created right here in the jewelry studio!

It has been great to see the company grow and to know that I am a part of that growth. Figuring out what type of jewelry will sell and trying to make it as efficiently as possible is always a challenge, but it is so exciting for us when a design takes off! We are constantly coming up with new handcrafted sterling silver medical alert designs, hoping to appeal to a wide variety of our customers.

Here are just a few of my handcrafted designs. I would love to hear from any of you who currently wear one of my handcrafted medical IDs!

designer handcrafted medical alert bracelets


So this is where I need your help!

I want to hear from you; what would you be interested in seeing? Several of our best sellers have been inspired from custom bracelets that I have made. So, if you're not finding exactly what you're looking for, let us know what you'd like to see!

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