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Want to Share Your Story and Be a Guest Blogger?

Posted by Jenna White on Feb, Wed 16, 2011

We would like to invite our subscribers to write a guest blog article that we will post on our blog.  We know a lot of our subscribers have medical or life style tips and best practices that everyone could benefit from.

What to Write About?
We are looking for articles that provide valuable information tolaurens hope guest blogger those with a medical condition who subscribe to our blog.  For example, the post could pertain to your personal condition, diagnosis, or tips toward healthy living.  You could write about living with Diabetes, what you’ve learned that would be valuable for others to know, tips for handling certain situations more effectively, and spreading awareness to any medical condition.  The articles don’t have to be geared toward Lauren's Hope, but should relate to someone who wears a medical ID themselves, has been diagnosed with a medical condition, or has a loved one who wears or should wear a medical ID alert.

What Medical ID Alert Questions Do You Have?
Would you rather suggest a blog topic and leave it to an expert to write about?  What subjects would you like to see covered or discussed in upcoming blog articles?  If you have a medical ID alert style or engraving question, please let us know.  Just add your topic idea or question in the 'Comments' section below and we’ll work on those for future articles.  We’d love to hear your ideas!

How Does a Guest Blogger Benefit?
By writing a guest article for our blog, you and/or your topic or cause will gain exposure and your article will be seen by all our subscribers.  In return for writing an article, you may include up to 3 links to your website, your own blog, or your social media profiles, giving those sites increased traffic.

Sound like something you would be interested in?

Learn more about how to become a guest blogger for the Lauren's Hope Medical ID Blog.

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