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You Name It, You Win It, Plus 1,523 New Styles!

Posted by Jenna White on Nov, Mon 15, 2010

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You Name It, You  Win It

The Holiday season is quickly approaching and our designers have created 1,523 brand new designs! In an effort to provide stellar customer service, I developed a fancy formula to tell you exactly how many new medical IDs have been added.  Unfortunately, I used a transitive property when I should have used an associative property and it didn't work out at all.

I still wanted you all to know how many wonderful medical IDs have been added, so I stayed up all night counting them. Unfortunately I ran out of time, and decided just to take a shot at guessing. Luckily, I was voted second best estimator in elementary school, and I've worked out most of the kinks since then.

Since our designers have created 1,523 new designs, coming up with a unique and thoughtful name for each new creation just isn't possible, which is where you come in.  We need your help naming some of these new bracelets and have chosen this little beauty  as the third "You Name, You Win It" contestant. 

medical ID bracelets

This terrific design is comprised of fancy tan seed beads, light and dark amethyst Swarovski crystals with just a hint of sterling silver to make it sparkle.  Without giving away too much in this description, this double strand purple concoction is soft and elegant with just the right splash of purple to keep you happy all day long.

When you attach this medical ID bracelet to our new medical ID tag with the purple caduceussomething magical is bound to happen!

medical id tags

Are you filled with creative inspiration this Monday morning?  If you'd like to submit your best name, then please follow the instructions below...

1. Subscribe to the blog. You'll be the first to know about exclusive sales, coupons and of course, free stuff! *Subscribers may also take advantage of 15% off everything online with the code WELCOME1. That's just for you! 

2.  Share!  Share this opportunity with your friends and family on Facebook, Twitter, Websites, Blogs etc... Feel free to use the handy email, Facebook and Twitter share buttons at the top of this post or use the brand new toolbar at the bottom of the blog. 

3. Please leave your best name suggestion in a comment on this post.  You may enter more than once, but each name needs to be entered as an individual comment.

This contest will run through Tuesday November 16th, 2010.

Questions? email jenna@laurenshope.com


To view the roughly 1,523 brand new items, choose a link below.

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