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You Named, Someone Won It. Find Out Who!

Posted by Jenna White on Nov, Thu 04, 2010

Thank you to everyone who participated in our You Name It, You Win It contest this week! 

Your name suggestions this week were out of this world! Before I announce the winner, please give a round of internet applause for the following amazing suggestions...

  •  "Christmas Kisses" by Christy Wageman. We're ready for Christmas cheer!
  •  "Holiday Hope" by Walter...Love the holidays and always keep hope. Walter, please come back next week!
  •  "Hollyday and Ivy" by Heather Ursano...Such a great play on words!
  •  "Mistletoe Magic" by Jenell...Hello, holiday parties!

In the end we chose a name suggested by Darlene Furtado

"Dew Drops of Fall"  

 Darlene, Please contact jenna@laurenshope.com to claim your new bracelet!medical id bracelets for women

For each of you who participated in this week's You Name It, You Win It contest, thank you!  It's always such fun reading your insightful and supportive comments.


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