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And the Free Stuff Friday Winners Are...

Posted by Jenna White on Sep, Fri 17, 2010

free stuff friday winners

Today's Free Stuff Friday Winners Are...

purple crystal medical id bracelets

Item #1 Double Strand Pastel Purple Medical ID Bracelet 

Roberta Wilfong      "They all are BEAUTIFUL! I have to go with #1 was purple is my favorite color. This would be excellent for me so I can change out the one and only bracelet that is silver that goes with everything."

beaded medical id bracelets

Item #2 Infatuation Medical ID Bracelet

Gabe       "#2 would be great for my sister. We are both type 1 diabetics."

beaded medical id bracelets


Item #3 Something Blue Medical ID Bracelet 

Shannon Emerick         "Wow, all so beautiful this week! I think #3 is my favorite. The blue would go so well with many things in my wardrobe, and compliment my silver ID tag well! Love what you're doing!   


Please email jenna@laurenshope.com if you are 1 of our lucky winners!


Become a Lauren's Hope Brochure Ambassador Today! 

You've no doubt discovered that introducing Lauren's Hope medical ID jewelry to your friends and family is one of life's easier endeavors. With our handcrafted medical ID styles and our custom engraved medical ID tags people can't help but comment on the attractiveness of our jewelry and then marvel at the functionality of the alert.

We feel pastionately about creating quality, attractive medical jewelry and mean it when we say we combine Safety with Style. With designers who dream up stunning combinations of beads and handcrafted medical ID jewelry, it's no surprise Lauren's Hope has stood the test of time and earned thousands of accolades, high fives and thank yous. We look forward to working together while spreading the word that the days of sterile, traditional medical IDs are over. 

We hope that you see the benefit of our product and invite you all to become Lauren's Hope Brochure Ambassadors. We would love to send as many brochures as needed to pass out to your family and friends. You may request brochures by filling out our "Brochure Ambassador" form right here on the Blog. 

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