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Need a Medical ID For Your Child?

Posted by Jenna White on Aug, Mon 30, 2010

Having trouble finding a medical ID style that your child will wear?

The children's medical identification bracelets and necklaces designed by Lauren's Hope will please any youngster. If children don't like something, they are likely not going to cooperate. Our brand new medical ID necklaces appeal particularly to children, making it more likely that they will wear their medical ID necklaces every day--and leave them on!

flower medical id pendant necklace

Multi-colored Flower Medical ID Pendant

Wearing a medical ID pendant is important for any child in daycare or school. Even if there are no known allergies, this is a great way to get help for your child in case of an emergency. Information such as your child's name and an emergency contact number can be crucial when help is needed immediately.

dinosaur medical id pendant necklace

Dinosaur Medical ID Necklace

A statement that there are no known medical conditions is sometimes as important in making an accurate diagnosis as having a list of medications or conditions. For intance, if a child suddenly collapses on the playground and you see that she is a diabetic, you know immediately how to respond. On the other hand, if a child collapses, and you see that the child has no medical history, you must respond differently, and this information could literally save your child's life.

robot medical id pendant necklace

Robot Medical ID Necklace

your story periwinkle 400

At laurenshope.com, you will find a wide selection of children's medical ID necklaces, bracelets, sports bands and more.  Choose the design that fits best with your child's activities and interests, and you will have much greater success in getting him or her to wear it. For more information, browse our website or call toll free 1-800-360-8680. 

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