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Free Stuff Friday Winners!

Posted by Jenna White on Aug, Fri 27, 2010

Thank you so much for participating in Free Stuff Friday this week!

Today's Free Stuff Friday Winners Are...

Item #1 (Multi-colored Flower Medical ID Pendant): Julie

"My 8 year old daughter would ABSOLUTELY LOVE the #1 flower necklace! She just started school and is excited, but nervous because of her heart condition. She always wears your bracelets and loves when she gets compliments on how pretty and special they are! It would really make her happy to add the colorful necklace to her jewelry!"

Item #2 (Stainless Steel Medical ID Bracelet): Kim P.

"Number 2 is the one for me! I love it so much! Stainless steel is perfect for a college student like me. It is sharp looking and would withstand all the abuse my med ID's go through! Nothing in my medical/bio classes could hurt it! Thank you Lauren's Hope for yet another brilliant alternative for us medically challenged!"

Item #3 (Love Dove beaded Medical ID bracelet): Jennifer Taul

"I think #3 is beautiful. Before I found Lauren's Hope my 10 year old daughter had a medical bracelet that was so big and ugly. She needs to have it because she needs to take several types of meds a day to stay alive. My husband and I were concerned if she was separated one day from us someone needs to know that she's legally blind and she needs to take life sustaining meds everyday. Thank you for making a medical ID bracelet beautiful." 

Please email jenna@laurenshope.com if you are 1 of our lucky winners!

You can find each of the items in this week's giveaway here:

1. Multi-colored Medical ID Pendant

2. The Stealth Stainless Steel Medical ID Bracelet 

3. Love Dove Beaded Medical ID Bracelet


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