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Free Stuff Friday Winners

Posted by Jenna White on Aug, Fri 20, 2010

free stuff friday winners

Thank you so much for participating in Free Stuff Friday this week!

Today's Free Stuff Friday Winners Are...

Item #1 : Mandy

"The Rainbow Delight is gorgeous. The bright colors really do signify hope!! My daughter is 19 and has been type 1 for 13 years now...this bracelet would hopefully remind her that Type 1 doesn't have to mean a disaster..." 

Item #2 : Kyli

"I'd like the 2nd bracelet! I have Addison's Disease and it would be wonderful to have this beautiful bracelet that could also serve to save my life someday!" 

Item #3: Kimberly M.

"Option 3 is reminiscent of a tribal tattoo that my love had on his arm before he passed away in 94...He was there for me when I was diagnosed with MS almost 11 yrs ago now...I remember him when I wear my other med alert bracelet because he told me if I didn't share what MS was to me, I would never be whole. So I wear my bracelet with pride and when people ask I tell them about the Multiple Sclerosis and the help we need to find a cure."


Please email jenna@laurenshope.com if you are 1 of our lucky winners!


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