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Save 10% with Coupon Code SCHOOL

Posted by Jenna White on Aug, Tue 03, 2010

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It's time for Back to School savings at Lauren's Hope!

Take advantage of our Back To School coupon code "SCHOOL" for an extra 10% off your entire order.

The incidence of allergies is on the rise in this country, and with that upswing has come an accompanying rise in very serious reactions.  Parents of children who suffer from such conditions know you can never be too vigilant in the pursuit of safety.  The problem with most such bracelets, of course, is that they tend to look ugly. For this reason, some kids refuse to wear the items, citing social pressures and embarrassment. 

Here at Lauren's Hope, we understand how difficult if can be to balance safety with style, particularly at such a vulnerable age.  That's why we've designed hundreds of medical alert accessories that look and feel like the kind of accessory your child would love to wear by choice! 

You'll find HUGE savings by choosing our already marked down Combination Sets

freckles set

combination set medical id jewelry

And don't forget our handy Backpack/Lunch Box Tags

backpack lunchbox medical id tag


You can find hundreds of medical alert bracelets and necklaces for girls, boys, men, and women within our site.

We would love to hear what items you find useful for keeping your children safe this coming school year.  Please let us know your favorite medical alert accessory in the comments of this post.

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