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Where Is Everybody?

chris herron

If you’ve ever called our Customer Service department here at Lauren’s Hope, you know we take a great deal of pride in offering outstanding, friendly, knowledgeable service that starts with a live human being pleasantly answering your call. Our Customer Service Representatives are a fantastic team of people who are always glad to answer questions, take custom orders, and even help our customers choose between our many terrific medical ID jewelry options! With such great service, it might surprise you then, to call on Saturday and find that there’s just no one here. It begs the question: Where is everybody? The answer: Wherever they want to be.

Lauren's Hope Employee Spotlight: Grace

Lauren Portrait

Today I'm catching up with the very first Lauren's Hope employee. That's right, Grace was just a young girl when she first began working for Lauren's Hope and has done just about everything from stuffing envelopes to chatting with customers on Twitter to being part of our customer service team and helping out customers like you!

Countdown To the Olympics

A 14Redwhitebluecottonbraid

It’s that time again! Time to cheer for Team USA as we swim, run, flip, jump, play, and power our way through the Olympic Games! This year’s games are being held in London, from Friday, July 27 through Sunday, August 12. The official website of The Games has a countdown to the opening ceremony, and it has calendars of all the events so you can be sure to set your DVR for all the right times! 

Super Silicone For Summer Swimmers

medical alert silicone bands

It’s summer, and that means it’s time for lots and lots of swim time and other water activities as we all try to beat the heat and have some fun. When you’re spending lots of time in the heat, it’s important to have the right medical ID jewelry for your activities. Many medical IDs are not designed to be worn in swimming pools due to the chemicals used in pool water, and some can be damaged by repeated applications of sunscreen. That means for summer camp, swim days, beach time, and all your other outdoor summer fun, switching to silicone medical alert bracelets is a great idea, especially for kids!

What is Juvenile Arthritis?

juvenile arthritis awareness

What is Juvenile Arthritis?

Most people think of arthritis as something adults, particularly middle-aged and older adults, develop with age. We think of stiff knees and sore fingers, all the typical aches and pains of getting older. But arthritis isn’t specific to adults. In fact, approximately 300,000 American children under 18 have Juvenile arthritis (JA).

What Do I Engrave On My Medical ID Bracelet?

what to engrave medic alert tag

If there’s one question we get asked the most here at Lauren’s Hope, it’s, “What do I engrave on my medical ID bracelet?” There is, of course, no single answer that applies to everyone because a medical ID tag is as individual as the person who wears it. Fortunately, there some general guidelines we’ve developed over the years, and they should help point you in the right direction.

And the Lucky Winners Are...


Here are the lucky winners of last week's Free Stuff Friday. If you are a lucky winner you can expect to hear from us within 1 business day. 

Item 1: Marjorie, "My 6 year old would LOVE #1. She is a girly girl, and is all about pink and hearts! She was diagnosed 5 months ago and is handling diabetes with more courage and grace than I ever could."

Be Sunscreen Savvy!

V11 Purple Adjustable

We all know we should wear sunscreen daily, but most people still only routinely wear sunscreen when they’re going to be out in the sun for prolonged periods during outdoor activities such as playing at the beach, going to the pool, taking a long bike ride, playing sports, or gardening. No matter when or where you use sunscreen, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has enacted some new guidelines all consumers should know about in order to make informed choices about their sun protection.

Free Stuff Friday...the 13th!

free stuff friday laurens hope

***This contest is now closed. 

Courtney’s Story: Life With Diabetes in The Family

insulin medi bands silicone

Growing Up With Diabetes

It started for me before I had kids. My youngest sister, Marah, was diagnosed with Diabetes when she was 5, which was in 1988. So that’s where Diabetes started with our family. Back then, it was a lot different than the way we do things now. The diet was much more restrictive. You had to eat at particular times and all that kind of stuff. My mom handled the majority of that. Because I was a young teenager, I learned how to help her manage it and knew how to give shots and all that kind of stuff.

Dianne's Story: "The Lung Cancer Game"

dianne 2

The Email

One morning this past January, I woke up to an email from my friend, Dianne Caridi, titled, “I have a crazy thought.” Before I even opened it, I knew I’d be on board. I’d been asking Dianne regularly, since her diagnosis with lung cancer three and a half years prior, if there was anything I could do for her and her family, and she had consistently promised to let me know if she needed anything. As far as I was concerned, that email could have read, “I want to go skydiving and I want you to come,” and I’d have signed right up. When your friend has cancer, and she asks you for a favor, you do it, even if you’re fairly sure you’ll pass out from fear of heights.

Ask the Responder Part 2

jeremy emt on medical ids 2

Ask The First Responder: Part 2

Recently, we sat down with Jeremy, a Lauren’s Hope customer, father of two girls with epilepsy, and an Engineer with Santa Barbara City Fire, to talk about the importance of wearing medical ID jewelry and how it aids first responders in the event of an emergency. He had so much great information that we decided to share his entire interview in two exclusive Lauren’s Hope blog posts! To read our first interview with Jeremy click here.

Ask the Responder Part 1

emt on medical ids

Ask The First Responder: Part 1

Have you ever wondered if, in an emergency, your medical ID jewelry really would come in handy? Ever wonder what information EMTs really need to see on your ID? We sat down with Jeremy, a Lauren’s Hope customer, father of two girls with epilepsy, and an Engineer with Santa Barbara City Fire, and asked just that.

Paying It Forward One Random Act of Kindness At a Time


Have you ever experienced a random act of kindness by another person or “paid it forward” by helping someone in need? That’s exactly what happened here at Lauren’s Hope recently when two women connected on our Facebook wall.

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