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Never Before Customer's Choice Free Stuff Friday Event!

free stuff friday

I decided to host this week's Free Stuff Friday a bit differently and I'm so glad I did!  Thank you to everyone who suggested an item they would like to see given away this week.  I must say - you have wonderful taste.  After several minutes contemplating which 3 items would be given away I realized something.  You see, we're gearing up to celebrate a very important national holiday and we're celebrating with unprecedented savings. (Up to 50% off!) So, in honor of Independance Day we'll be giving away not 1, not 2, not 3 medical ID bracelets - we'll be giving away 5.

You Choose This Week's Free Stuff Friday Giveaway

4th of july

Fireworks, barbecues, parades, carnivals, picnics, baseball games, family reunions...

There is a lot of fun awaiting you this upcoming weekend. Celebrate with Lauren’s Hope’s Fourth of July sale and add a little spark to your style! Happening now through Monday, July 4th, you can save up to 50% on select items for men, women, and kids. Pick up a patriotic style in the spirit of the holiday or a simple, everyday look that will last you all summer long! Whatever you choose, embrace your right to style and expression with a look that is independent, individual, and simply “you.”

10 Things You Should Know About Diabetes


If you are one of the 25.8 million Americans with diabetes, you are probably an expert on the condition…and that means you probably get a lot of seemingly silly (and often frustrating) questions from friends who don’t understand it the way you do. We asked our friends on Facebook to list some of the most important things they want their friends and family to know about the disease – to answer even the most ridiculous questions once and for all!

Life After a Celiac Disease Diagnosis Can Be Sweet

cynthia green

Bagels, bread, crackers, pizza, pasta - imagine life without any of these things. It may sound unbearable, but for the 1 in 133 people in the United States that suffer from Celiac Disease, this is their daily reality.

“I screen my food more than most people could ever imagine. Even a crumb, a contaminated cutting board, or someone drinking out of my glass can (and has) made me sick!” says Cynthia Green, one of our very own bracelet designers who was diagnosed with Celiac Disease in 2007.

Celiac Disease is a lifelong autoimmune condition. When people with celiac disease eat foods containing gluten (like the foods listed above), it creates a toxic reaction that damages the small intestine and doesn’t allow food to be absorbed properly. Gluten is the name of a protein that is found in wheat and related grains, and is very harmful to certain people. The only real treatment for Celiac Disease is a strict, gluten-free diet.

However, eating gluten-free doesn’t have to lower quality of life. People with Celiac Disease can often eat the same things other people eat, if they can find a gluten-free alternative. Thanks to companies who make gluten-free substitutions for dietary staples, people with Celiac Disease are able to lead normal, healthy lives.

“I have learned to make my most favorite foods gluten-free, and I know it doesn't do any good to feel sorry for myself! Having a good attitude, though it's hard right after diagnosis, makes a big difference,” Cynthia advises. “After some culinary experimenting, I get along just fine and don't even think about what I'm ‘missing’ as I make yummy dinners for me and my family.”

Since switching to a gluten-free diet, Cynthia says she has had more energy, has become more active, and has lost weight. She has met and formed relationships with people who share her condition. In fact, one of her gluten-free friends introduced her to the man that would later become her husband!

“Having Celiac Disease is definitely life-changing, but not necessarily negative. You never know what good things it will bring to your life as well. For me, it brought the two things that matter the most to me: my health and my new family.”

If you are sensitive to gluten or suffer from Celiac Disease or a wheat allergy, you should engrave that information on a medical ID tag to alert medical personnel to your condition. Check with your doctor to see what they recommend you have engraved on your medical ID. Here are a few examples of what you could engrave on your medical ID tag if you have Celiac Disease:

Girl With the Portable Pancreas GIVEAWAY


Do you have diabetes or know someone who has diabetes? Are you looking for a source of online support, friendship, and entertainment? Do you love Lauren’s Hope and want to win FREE medical ID jewelry?

If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you’ll be very excited to meet our friend Stacey, the Girl with the Portable Pancreas!

“My name is Stacey, @PortblPancGrl, author of The Girl with the Portable Pancreas blog. I am a 30-something year old type 1 diabetic who lives and grew up in NYC. I have been very happily married for 8+ years, have worked in investment banking for 13 years, and am a huge gadget fanatic. I am an identical twin and so is my husband! I love being an aunt, reading on my Kindle, listening to music, and doing things for others.

I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on Christmas eve in 1981. I was 5 years old. Honestly I don't really remember life without diabetes. Sometimes I think that worked in my favor since I don't remember my life really changing. I feel it has made me more conscious and proactive about my overall health, which is not a bad thing.”

Stacey’s journey with diabetes has inspired her to share her story on her blog. Her goal is “to educate those people who don't know much about diabetes, to offer support for those who also live with it and to advocate on the issues important to the diabetes community.”

“Living with diabetes is hard...and sometimes may even seem impossible.” Stacey reminds us. “It's okay to get frustrated, but don't let that frustration build up. These days, there is a huge community out there (both online and off) willing to lend a helping hand.”

That community is never more than a click away, thanks to online resources for diabetes. Some of Stacey’s favorite sources of information and support are www.diabetessocmed.com, www.tudiabetes.org, www.diabetesdaily.com, www.diabetessisters.org, www.tcoyd.com, and www.act1diabetes.org.

To learn more about Stacey and her story and to enter for your chance to win a FREE Lauren’s Hope medical ID bracelets, visit her blog today! She is hosting a Lauren’s Hope giveaway this Wednesday, June 22 and will be announcing the winner on Friday, June 24. Don’t miss out! 

Joplin Relief and Free Stuff Friday Winners

joplin relief

The tornado that ripped through Joplin, Missouri on May 22 came and went in the blink of an eye, but the aftereffects will last much longer than that. The effort to clean up and rebuild Joplin is still going strong, and we at Lauren’s Hope haven’t forgotten our neighbors, either!

It's Free Stuff Friday aka Party Time!

free stuff friday

It's time for this week's Free Stuff Friday giveaway. This week you'll be given multiple chances to enter along with letting me know which items YOU would like to see given away next week. 

For ONE free entry, please subscribe to the Lauren's Hope blog and leave a comment letting me know which item you would like to win this week. IF you are already a Lauren's Hope blog subscriber, please let me know within your comment. (mandatory)

Have Diabetes? You Are Not Alone - You Can Do This


“You can do this.”

If you have any medical condition, you’ve probably heard these words a thousand times. But they’ve never been spoken quite as loudly as they are now, thanks to a brand new project created by Kim Vlasnik.
The You Can Do This project is a collection of video testimonials by people who have diabetes, for people who have diabetes. The videos are meant to encourage communication between people in the diabetic online community and remind them that they are not alone, that they are all in this fight together, and that they CAN do this.
“Everyone with diabetes struggles at one time or another,” Kim writes in her blog.  “Validation and community have the ability to lighten the emotional load that diabetes can place on us.”

Adopting, Training and Loving a Deaf Dog: A Story of Hope

training a deaf dog

A strong support system is important when facing any medical condition.

Friends, family, support groups, even online communities – there are so many places to turn to for human companionship. But what about canine companionship? People aren’t the only ones who need a little support…and they aren’t the only ones who can give support, either.
Our customer Linda J. is in a very unique situation. Born deaf and recently diagnosed with diabetes, she just made a new best friend. This friend might be four-legged and covered in fur, but the two of them have one very important thing in common; Linda and her new puppy, Crystal have a special bond, because Crystal is deaf as well.
“I went to the SPCA to pick up my dog, Scotty, from grooming. A lady who can do [sign language] came to me to tell me that she had a deaf puppy. I told [her] that I wanted to see it,” Linda explained. “She took me to a shelter and I saw a cute white puppy with a black spotted tail. Her eyes were so blue; I loved her already.”
Taking care of a deaf dog can be challenging, and many deaf dogs are euthanized when they can’t find homes with people who are willing to put in the extra time and effort.  But Linda understands the dog’s condition better than most. She knows how to communicate with Crystal and understands that patience is key when teaching the dog new things.
“Since you can’t talk to a deaf dog, you just show love or cuddle them,” Linda said. “If you know sign language, then use it with [them].”

Signs and Symptoms of a Stroke

stroke awareness

You’re  having  trouble  speaking,  and  you  feel  a  serious  headache  coming  on.  You  can’t  seem  to  get  a  grip  on  anything,  you  feel  strange,  and  one  side  of  your  body  seems  unusually  weak. 

Diabetes and Safe Driving

DD1 Diabetic Driver Sticker

It’s the allure of freedom, the promise of the open road, the addictive sense of adventure...It’s the wind in your hair, the irresistible appeal of endless possibility.  The words “road trip” have become synonymous with freedom, adventure, and long-lasting memories, but if you’re diabetic, you know that it is necessary to take a few extra precautions before hitting the highway for your summer getaway.

Let's All Celebrate National Cancer Survivor Day Together

Harold Cancer Survivor 2

National Cancer Survivors Day

We are often reminded that the toughest battles cannot be fought alone. Nearly everyone has been touched by cancer in one way or another - whether a friend or family member battled cancer or we were diagnosed ourselves. When this devastating disease touches our lives, we are quick to worry, grieve, and wonder what will happen next. What we sometimes forget to do, however, is live in the present and celebrate life - despite the battle we are all fighting. National Cancer Survivors Day serves to encourage that celebration and remind those affected by cancer that their lives can be long, happy and healthy - even after a diagnosis. On June 5, 2011, thousands of people across the nation will come together to celebrate hope, triumph, and the gift of life for the 24th annual National Cancer Survivors Day.

This Week's Winner Announcement

free stuff friday

We are pleased to announce this week's Free Stuff Friday winners:

Item 1 Christine "Love #1"

Free Stuff Friday

free stuff friday

It's time for this week's Free Stuff Friday giveaway!  I'm not supposed to pick favorites around here, but I must say that this week's products are G.R.E.A.T. 

Meet Our Soul Sister, Lauren Hope

lauren hope

For years, Lauren’s Hope has been dedicated to making beautiful medical alert jewelry for people with life-altering medical conditions.  We like to think of it as a fun, small way to brighten a challenging and sometimes scary situation.  We try to send a positive message through our jewelry, reminding our customers that above all, they must have HOPE.  We recently discovered we aren’t the only Lauren’s Hope putting a positive spin on a seemingly negative situation...

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