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5 Tips For Coping When Your Spouse Is Hospitalized


5 Tips For Coping When Your Spouse Is Hospitalized

When your spouse is ill, life is difficult. Not only is there tremendous stress because of the constant doctors’ appointments and ever-present medical bills, but also there is the very real fear of losing your spouse, which, of course, makes people think about their own mortality as well. It’s one of life’s hardest challenges, and there is no easy solution or answer as to how to handle it.

School System Solutions


School System Solutions

When a child has a disease, disability, allergy, chronic health concern, learning challenge, or other need for accommodations within the school system, most parents and guardians stop by the guidance counselor or nurse’s office and ask for advice. These two professionals are usually great resources, and they can help guide you through the process of establishing an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) and/or 504 Plan for your child.

Five Things You Need To Know About Drug Allergies


Here are Five Things You Need To Know About Drug Allergies

Medical science and pharmaceutical engineering continue to provide us with more and more treatment options every year. These advances often help save lives and help us live better and healthier. But sometimes, drugs cause more problems than they solve. This happens when we experience drug reactions or develop drug allergies.

What Is Septo Optic Dysplasia?


What Is Septo Optic Dysplasia?

An extremely rare disorder, septo optic dysplasia is a congenital disorder in which the optic nerves do not properly develop during gestation. Also called optic nerve hypoplasia (ONH) or DeMorsier Syndrome, septo optic dysplasia is characterized by underdeveloped nerves between the eyes and the brain, brain structure abnormalities, and, commonly, an underperforming pituitary gland. Because septo optic dysplasia impacts so many different bodily functions, children with this disorder need a whole team of medical professionals to help them reach their personal potential:

Life After Gastric Bypass Surgery...With Gorgeous Alert Jewelry


It’s A Wonderful Life…With Gorgeous Alert Jewelry

Robin L. Watkins lives in a town smaller than some high schools: Neodesha, Kansas, population 2500. Mom, grandma, and former Registered Nurse (RN), Robin is now a full-time homemaker who volunteers at the local public library and has been wearing a Lauren’s Hope medical ID bracelet since 2009.

Top Ten Reasons People Wear Medical ID Jewelry

open heart medical ID

Top Ten Reasons People Wear Medical ID Jewelry

Millions of people wear medical ID necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and charms every day, and they all have a reason for doing so. Here at Lauren’s Hope, because we make fully customizable, interchangeable medical ID bracelets, we see all sorts of different engraving requests. Here’s our list of the top ten reasons people wear medical ID jewelry.

What Are Motility Disorders?


What Are Motility Disorders?

Motility disorders are topics people often don’t discuss because they impact the gastrointestinal tract, and that means talking about digestion and elimination. But many people do suffer from motility disorders of the four main parts of the digestive tract:

Spotlight On Adrenal Disorders


Spotlight On Adrenal Disorders

Adrenal disorders are a complex set of disorders, and they’re rather uncommon, which makes them even less understood by the general public. Here at Lauren’s Hope, though, we hear from customers regularly who need medical ID jewelry for a number of adrenal disorders:

Why Do People With Visual Impairments Need Medical IDs?


Why do people with visual impairments need medical IDs?

Having a vision impairment, which is sometimes called “low vision,” means that you are unable to see well even with medication, surgery, glasses, or contacts. There is a wide range of vision impairment, with some people having mild cases and others much more severe. Typically, vision impairment and blindness impact the elderly as the result of eye diseases that are also associated with old age:

Six Tips For Keeping Kids With Food Allergies Safe


Here are six tips for keeping kids with food allergies safe.

Living with food allergies is not easy for adults. It’s even tougher when your child has food allergies because kids have a harder time identifying safe and unsafe foods and avoiding cross-contaminated surfaces. However, there are some simple steps you can take to help safeguard your child and avoid allergic reactions.

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