Fishing for Photos Promotion Rules

Do you have a favorite Lauren’s Hope medical ID?
Send us your photo and receive $5 off your next Lauren's Hope order!

How it Works

  1. Take a picture of yourself or a loved one wearing a Lauren’s Hope medical ID. The face of the person and Lauren’s Hope product must be visible.

  2. Take the picture outdoors out of direct sunlight with a plain, simple background, such as the side of a house, on a swing set, in front of a tree or fence.

  3. Email us the high resolution image directly from your camera. Do not scale the photo down before sending it to us. Send your photo to the following email address and type Lauren’s Hope Photo Submission into the subject line.

  4.  In your email, include the name of the medical ID featured in the photo. Optional details to include: the first name of the person featured in the photo, the reason for wearing a medical ID, your city and state.

  5. If your photo meets the above criteria we will email you a unique certificate code for $5 off your next order.

By sending your photo you agree to allow us to use your photo and any information provided from step 4, on our website, blog and other Lauren’s Hope promotional materials. We promise to never rent, sell or giveaway your photo or information. You may send multiple photos if you would like, however you are limited to 1 $5 certificate per customer. Your certificate code may be used only once and will never expire.